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Optimal operations: how decision automation can streamline mobility operations

Optimal routes to complete tasks in Austin, TX.
  1. Maximizing the number of tasks completed per labor hour
  2. Focusing on the most important tasks; those that will either earn, or save, the most money
  • The van that should be used for each task
  • The order in which each task is completed
  • The priority of tasks based on their expected value to the market
  • The tasks that should be skipped if it’s impossible to complete all tasks in the given time window
  • The number of vans and workers
  • The number of vehicles or batteries that can fit into a van
  • The length of time an operator has to complete tasks



Zoba uses demand forecasting and optimization to improve the performance of shared mobility services. On this blog, Zoba operations leaders, data scientists, and engineers write about the problems we solve for shared mobility operators and tools we use to solve those problems.

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