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Introducing Oliver Kempkens, New Presiden at ZODIAQ

Dear Community, we are excited to introduce our new President Oliver Kempkens to you. Shall we give him the floor!

“I am happy to announce that I am taking over the President position at the world’s first licensed Crypto-Fiat Blockchain Platform.

Modern trends indicate, that over the upcoming years, cryptocurrencies will become legalized, resp. regulated in a severe amount of countries. The times are exciting, especially, when Jamie Dimon (CEO JP MorganChase) admitted that it was wrong calling cryptocurrencies a fraud.
Though currently the infrastructure for the market is missing, Zodiaq.io is going to close this gap. We developed an ecosystem to facilitate that on a global level: the whole range of traditional banking services will be introduced for cryptocurrency operations, since none of the services, that have recently emerged, is designed to adapt to the legal status of crypto-economics.

We develop a broad range of products, creating a marketplace of financial solutions able to meet the needs of the modern environment, both individuals and businesses. Our target clients include individual users, small and medium-sized businesses, institutional and global enterprises. Our offering will range for the B2B segment from trade financing, payment and currency exchange processing, cryptocurrency card acquiring, and for the B2C segment from instant transfers, payments, currency exchange, to deposits.

Our vision is to set up a legal model for integration of cryptocurrency services into the traditional banking system; to ensure seamless operations between fiat and cryptocurrencies for all users; to build a new blockchain-based financial infrastructure to carry out transactions between accounts.

We are planning our ICO to raise funds for the launch of all components of ZODIAQ system. Learn more at https://zodiaq.io
Our Whitepaper will be available beginning in early April.

I am excited to work with our global leadership team on our vision. Please follow us via Telegram https://t.me/zodiaq_group or via https://medium.com/zodiaq.

Keep excited
Oliver Kempkens
President at ZODIAQ BLOCKCHAIN corp.”





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