Case Study: Monthly giving beats one-off fundraising

Research by Zohero found organisations could raise 3X more using monthly giving to increase donors lifetime value

Jul 21, 2017 · 3 min read

More and more small organisations and charities are trying their luck with one-off crowdfunding campaigns, but are these types of campaigns really the best way to raise much needed funds for most organisations?

Zohero and our Swedish sister sites — Charity Storm and ForeningsInsamling undertook research into all donations made on our platforms across 2016 and found that monthly giving is a far more rewarding funding option for organisations than one-off campaigns. In fact monthly supporters on average give over 3X as much as those who just make a one-off donation!

This information is central to why Zohero is the long-term fundraising platform. Third sector organisations are essential to our society but the sad fact is that currently, many struggle to make ends meet. Fundraising through traditional methods is often resource intensive and short-termist in approach. Zohero has a different approach, we’re in it for the long run and we think you should be too.

Yes, there’s always the chance that your organisation’s campaign will win the ‘viral lottery’ and hit the big time (and big bucks), but for every ice-bucket challenge, sadly there are thousands of other campaigns that won’t go viral.

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Benedict Cumberbatch takes part in the Ice Bucket Challenge to raise money for Motor Neurone Disease research

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the campaign was not successful, but once the crowdfunding campaign finishes, the organisation is likely to need to repeat their campaign again in future in order to continue funding their project. In cases like this, the outlay of time and resources can be huge, but the efficiency of the campaign pretty poor.

Zohero cares about all campaigns, not just the ones who hit the big time. The ultimate objective of fundraising is to raise money for your organisation, to spend more time and resources focussing more on your true cause. The best way to do this is through long-term fundraising campaigns.

We found that campaigns offering monthly subscriptions increase givers’ Lifetime Value by a whoppping 221% — that’s over 3 times as much.

What our research found

We found that one off givers have a lifetime value of 720 SEK (£67) whereas monthly givers, although giving a smaller amount to begin with, end up with an average lifetime value of 3000 SEK (£279). Not only do monthly givers donate more over their relationship with an organisation, but the number of people donating to an organisation grew on average by 25% month-on-month. Long term campaigns allow organisations to continue building and adding to their fund and keep picking up new supporters all the time.

Organisations like Svenska Djurambulansen (the Swedish Animal Ambulance) got their fund to a fantastic £35,000 in their first month (Dec 2016), and as of June 2017 that has now reached £100,000 including regular monthly donations. This means it’s much easier for them to plan for the future, grow their support base and raise more money through consistent engagement.

Svenska Djurambulansen raise a regular amount every month to fund vehicle upkeep

If you’d like to start a fundraising campaign with Zohero, it’s easy! You can start a draft campaign today in just 5 minutes. We’ll guide you through the process at every step in order to help you get the best possible result from your campaign too.

Visit our website for more details, or Contact Us, we can’t wait to help!

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