Meet ZoidPay, the First Real Crypto Card.

Yes, we’ve said it! ZoidPay is the only real crypto card to date.

Andrei Popa

What makes it a real Crypto-Card?

You use ZoidPay to make peer to peer transactions without relying on any FIAT payment network or any other FIAT institution.

As we mentioned in the previous article, we love the benefits brought by crypto payments, but we don’t like the hassle of making a crypto payment.

So, we’ve concentrated all our efforts to keep the benefits and remove the hassle, and thus developed ZoidPay: A hassle-free crypto payment experience.

So, what is ZoidPay?

ZoidPay is a crypto payment method developed by Zoidcoin Network to serve not only as a payment solution inside our platform but as a global crypto payment solution developed for everyone. It means that even people who have never heard of crypto before should be able to use it.

The mathematical equation: You take the peer to peer and low fees of crypto payments, subtract the hard to use crypto wallets and add an easy to use payment method that everyone knows and loves: a card.

ZoidPay is composed of two parts: a wallet and a card.

ZoidPay Wallet
First of all, it does what every wallet should be able to do: lets you store money in it without compromising your ability to see how much money you have, and to be able to use them at any time. Otherwise, we would have called it a vault (something that might have slipped the mind of people who develop crypto wallets right now). In essence, at its core, it is a cold storage wallet disguised as a user-friendly mobile app. That means that you are in total control of your funds as you own your private key. Self-banking in a user-friendly way.

On top of that, we’ve added many features to help accelerate the adoption of ZoidPay:

  1. The wallet can also act as a POS, so merchants can use our payment method without having to support any additional cost.
  2. The merchant will have access to accounting and product catalogue management modules so that he can legally sell goods and services using crypto.

Here’s a demo payment video and the sample receipt from our earlier tests:

To translate that into words, a payment request is made using our ZoidPay Wallet. Afterwards, we touch the ZoidPay Card on the back of the smartphone, which acts as a POS, thanks to our wallet, approve the transaction and it’s all done.

After a few seconds, the transaction is confirmed on the blockchain, the transfer is complete and, as a result, the receipt is printed.

ZoidPay Card
The card looks and feels just like a normal contactless card (but way better), and it even does what normal cards do: it allows you to make payments. Beyond appearances though, our card is very different from anything you can get on the market right now.

ZoidPay is a fully decentralized payment method. The contactless card has no name on it. The beauty of having a nameless card is the fact that any merchant can offer them. One of our long-term plans is to have them distributed through a vast network of merchants, thus increasing the adoption even more.

Imagine entering a coffee shop and seeing the card on the counter. You pick it up for free, pair it with your ZoidPay Wallet, fill it up with tokens and make it yours. No monthly fees, issuance fees or anything else apart from the blockchain transaction fees. Just take it and you’re ready to go! How’s that for crypto adoption?

We call this self-banking with no extra steps. Or just call it convenience in other words.

You will use it right away

You’ve just got your card and you’re all excited. Here’s a couple of things you can do:

First, glaze over this beautiful contactless card, look at it, flip it, and check the B-side too.

  1. You’ll be able to download the ZoidPay Wallet app from the Play Store.
  2. Pair your ZoidPay Card with the wallet by using the pairing feature from the ZoidPay Wallet app.
  3. You can either create a new wallet address or import an existing one (as long as it’s yours). Heck, you can even import more wallet addresses if that’s what makes you happy.

You’ve now made the card yours and it’s time to make use of it.

  1. The card acts both like a wallet and your personal POS, which means that you can even send tokens to somebody else using the ZoidPay Card — face to face, peer to peer, decentralized transactions.
  2. You can use it to purchase cool stuff from ZoidStore — that’s right, this is a thing.
  3. If you don’t have enough ZCN to purchase stuff, you can easily fill it up by buying more tokens.
  4. Did we mention discounts? Yep! Not only you can buy stuff with ZoidPay, you actually can get them cheaper in our marketplace.
  5. Use it to pay with crypto at our partner merchants.
  6. Before you put it back in your wallet, take another look at this gorgeous card knowing that there’s even more to come in the pipeline.

You will get it right away

There is no financial institution between you and your money. This means that we can produce as many cards as we want without depending on FIAT payment providers.

So, are we ready to deliver? We’ll let you answer that question after watching a video from our manufacturing partner.

This is the smart chip integration process:

We are ready!

If you want to learn more about ZoidPay, make sure to follow us on our social channels below. If you’re really curious and want a quick reply from our core team members, head down to our Telegram channel and just ask!


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ZoidPay: Crypto Card / Wallet / Marketplace. A hassle free crypto experience.

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ZoidPay: Crypto Card / Wallet / Marketplace. A hassle free crypto experience.