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ZoidPay brings Instant Interoperable Liquidity to Elrond: What does this mean?

Last evening, we announced a partnership with Elrond. EGLD is now integrated as one of the main currencies in the ZoidPay Chrome Extension. As a crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card issuance for purchases at any global merchant at the lowest fees, ZoidPay is making crypto payments easy for everyone, driving adoption to web 3.0 financial services. What does this mean to EGLD token holders and the Elrond community at large? What does ZoidPay bring to Elrond? Read on to know more.

Solutions from ZoidPay include,

  1. The Elrond community can now shop using EGLD from 100M+ online retailers

The ZoidPay Chrome Extension offers EGLD token holders instant liquidity for their EGLD, thus enabling digital payments online. Be it booking a travel trip on Skyscanner, paying for a Netflix subscription, booking a stay on Airbnb, shopping on Amazon, or even buying a Happy Meal from McDonald’s, the ZoidPay Chrome Extension lets users shop with EGLD instantly.

Currently, a KYC is mandatory for usage of the Chrome Extension. Going ahead, with the global launch, we would have two options available: a KYC and non-KYC option.

Complete a one-time KYC within the Chrome Extension and you can enjoy a purchase limit of 100,000 Euros a month. A non-KYC account limits purchase from the Chrome Extension to 2500 Euros a month.

What’s more, is ZoidPay offers the lowest transaction fees across the industry. Not just that, exclusively for EGLD holders we are currently offering a 5% cashback on every purchase made. Cashbacks are credited into one’s Chrome Extension account in the form of our native ZPAY tokens.

Currently available for residents of the SEPA zone, the Chrome Extension will very soon be available for all overs globally.

2. Developers can build apps on Elrond with the promise of guaranteed liquidity

At ZoidPay, openness and transparency remain core to what we are building. Hence, we welcome developers to use our API’s and SDK’s to build DeFi applications and financial services with the promise of instant liquidity directly integrated on Elrond. We are here to aid the development of next-gen Web3 financial services.

3. Liquidity for all-new tokens listed and supported by Elrond's ecosystem
Through our partners, we can offer liquidity solutions of up to $1 billion per day. Elrond today is home to the Maiar launchpad. ZoidPay enables Elrond's launchpads and exchanges to have the ability to offer liquidity inside their platforms for newly listed tokens that have reached a certain volume threshold.

4. Seamless and unlimited DeFi integrations
ZoidPay is the first platform in the blockchain space that has created novel liquidity solutions to enable peace of mind shopping. Think interest-free loans. Imagine Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) for shopping using EGLD from a platform like Amazon, allowed in four instalments!

All of this at incredibly low-interest rates. This can be integrated as a service in platforms and used by developers to create DeFi applications and additional use cases.

5. Interoperable with any digital wallet
In keeping with our promise to offer a seamless product, we’ve built a solution that’s compatible with any digital wallet. In the case of EGLD, the ZoidPay Chrome Extension is compatible with Maiar, Elrond Wallet or any upcoming wallet.

We’ve done this to ensure that you retain custody of your crypto at all times during the shopping experience. Unlike crypto cards which extend custodial offerings, we at no stage mandate you transfer your crypto to an external account. You pay from your wallet, the amount of the purchase.

Above all, ZoidPay ensures that any platform can integrate liquidity inside their existing ecosystem with just one line of code and minimal coding effort.

About ZoidPay: ZoidPay is a crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card
issuance for purchases at any merchant at the lowest fees. ZoidPay was established in Cyprus in May 2018 as a blockchain company focused on making crypto payments easy for everyone, driving adoption to web 3.0 financial services.

ZoidPay lets,
Users: Shop anything from anywhere with crypto
Developers: Build web 3.0 financial services on top of instant, interoperable cross-chain liquidity with our API’s and SDK’s.
Platforms: Integrate crypto liquidity with one-line of code
Merchants: Accept crypto payments in less than 3 minutes
Liquidity Providers: To stake, lend and earn

If you want to learn more about ZoidPay, make sure to follow us on our social channels below. If you’re really curious and want a quick reply from our core team members, head down to our Telegram channel and just ask!

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Crypto liquidity platform enabling instant card issuance for purchases at any merchant & driving adoption to web 3.0 financial services

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