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Pairing / Smartphone as a POS / Peer-to-Peer transactions

Andrei Popa
Feb 11 · 4 min read

ZoidPay is a decentralized payment method and it doesn’t rely on any FIAT payment structures. One of the benefits is that our cards do not need to have any names on them, which allows us to offer them anywhere for free. The users have no restrictions, they can use ETH and ZCN tokens as well.

After going through the onboarding process, the card pairs your Ethereum Address with the ZoidPay Wallet.

  • Choose the Wallet address: In the first screen of the app, the user can opt to either create a new wallet address or import an existing one.
    Create a new wallet: When creating a new wallet address, the user will be prompted to back-up the keystore file. The user also has the option to set a password for the keystore file to further increase the security of his wallet.
    Importing an existing address: Requires either the keystore file or the private key. After the importing process is completed, the user can see all of their tokens in the imported wallet, as well as their past transactions.
  • The pairing process is simple: The user needs to place the card on the back of the smartphone (just under the camera, where the NFC antenna is usually placed). After seeing the “pairing successful” message, the user is ready to use ZoidPay.
ZoidPay pairing process

Request Tokens: This is a unique feature of ZoidPay, as it allows users to request tokens from other users, and thus gives them the ability to use the card in peer-to-peer transactions. The ZoidPay mobile app enhances the smartphone to act as a POS, which means that user A can make a card payment to user B, just like you would do in a supermarket.

The process flow is quick and easy: As soon as user A taps his ZoidPay card on the back of user B’s smartphone, the ZoidPay mobile app pops-up. The app prompts user B to input the amount of tokens that he wants to request from user A, just like a cashier would do on a POS. As soon as the request is made, the ZoidPay mobile app on user A’s smartphone requests a transfer confirmation. After the request is confirmed, the transaction is initiated on the blockchain and, once it has been validated, user B will receive the tokens.

This is a completely decentralized transaction, as the ZoidPay wallet doesn’t interfere with the details of the transaction or intermediate it in any way. The only fees paid by the user are the Ethereum Network fees.

Smartphone as a POS

We are fully aware that in some parts of the world, the QR code is preferred to cards. Therefore, you will find this feature as an option in the ZoidPay wallet.

Request Tokens: The request process is straightforward: User A selects User B’s public address, inputs the tokens amount to be requested and sends the request to User B. The latter is notified by the app and can either confirm or infirm the request. As soon as the request is confirmed, the transaction is initiated on the Ethereum Network and user A will receive the tokens once it has been validated on the blockchain.

This feature is useful in many situations. Let’s imagine a business in the service industry that charges monthly fees. It can make automated monthly requests to its clients, and they will be able to either confirm the request and pay it right away, or save it for later, just like you would do with normal invoices. The innovation here is that its all done without leaving the payment medium (as you do for invoices — you create them in a program, send them on an e-mail and pay them in a third place).

Send tokens: User A selects User B’s address and sends the tokens. The transaction is then initiated on the blockchain and, after being validated, user B will receive the tokens.

Users can always see the total value of their portfolio, as we have pinned it on the upper part of the screen.

One of the most important aspects of a wallet is the ease with which you can spend the funds it stores. We cover this with the ZoidPay card, but to take things even further, we’ve integrated a DApp marketplace directly into the wallet.

Users are able to purchase products from the ZoidShop, directly from the ZoidPay Mobile Wallet app using either Ethereum or the ZCN token. The users that pay with ZCN have access to discounted products and services, offered by our merchants.

There are a lot of ZoidShop features and benefits, so we’ve decided to cover them in depth, in a separate article.

We have taken the path of transparency through our development process, so you can expect articles both about future features, as well as articles about implementing those features (let’s call them change-log articles). We are very open to suggestions regarding features, so we are working on a streamlined process to allow our users to make feature requests.

If you want to learn more about Zoidcoin, ZoidPay or ZoidShop, make sure to follow us on our social channels below. If you’re really curious and want a quick reply from our core team members, head down to our Telegram channel and just ask!

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ZoidPay: Crypto Card / Wallet / Marketplace. A hassle free crypto experience.