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MooPay has grown up to become Zoksh

We started MooPay with one goal — to democratize finance for everyone and to enable creators to take control of their payments and finances. We saw a future where web3 and MooPay will fix the bottlenecks of web2 payments, removing middlemen and creating new payment rails on blockchain for a new world.

Today, we are more firm in our belief that we are on the right track and solving a real problem. We are seeing the need for decentralized, blockchain based payment rails more than ever. We believe no matter what new innovations web3 brings forward, payments will be at the core of it.

We have been preparing, working constantly to have our dream fulfilled and a payment solution built around the customers’ needs. With many early users, partners and a working product, we got multiple projects ready to integrate our solution, and many more signed-up for our private beta. We have been hard at work, refining the product, fixing the bugs, listening to our clients and adding those little features, which makes their lives easier.

Over time, we felt the need to move to a new name, a unique name, something that embodies what all we have been building and planning towards a decentralized future.

We are happy to share with everyone — MooPay is now Zoksh.

We have already connected and consulted our investors, advisors and partners and as with our journey they are also happy with the change and excited about what we are building.

In the coming days, we will update our official channels, social media handles and all related documents to our new branding. Going forward all our communication would be done using the name Zoksh instead of MooPay.

We don’t judge a book by its cover but it is always good to have an attractive one :)


New Website: https://www.zoksh.com

New Telegram ID: https://t.me/ZokshPay

New Twitter: https://twitter.com/zokshpay

New Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/company/zokshpay



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