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MooPay Payments: part I

We are really excited to share more updates and progress about our first suite of products with you — MooPay Payments. The post is named the first part as we are launching more products under MooPay and will be sharing those soon with you all.

MooPay Payments is a complete suite of payments solutions for the commerce industry. We are launching with our first three MooPay Payments products:

  • Payment Pages

All of these are live on the Testnet and you can go and try any of these products on testnet.moopay.live

We believe in transparency and decentralization. So many components of our products are already on-chain and over time, we will be moving more parts of our products to the chain. We believe code which everyone can read and review is more trustworthy rather than obscure and centralized ecosystems.

MooPay Payments is created to make payments seamless and democratic. We want to make it easy to receive and send payments for anyone, without needing any coding skills. For those who want to use their coding skills, we will be releasing our APIs and SDKs over the next few weeks.

We support MetaMask and WalletConnect and will be adding support for all the popular blockchain wallets.

We will be creating detailed posts for each of the products and also some examples on how you could make the best use of our products to boost your sales/earnings/users/adoption.

Stay tuned, as we are working across time zones to bring an amazing set of products for you.



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