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MooPay Payments(updated)

We have updated the dashboard and added tons of new features.

  1. When you signup, you will receive a verify email request. Once you verify, you login to the dashboard.

2. You need to click “Connect Wallet” and select MetaMask or any Wallet Connect supported wallet.

3. Once you connect a wallet, you see an option to select any of the 4 chains we support. When you click on a network icon, Metamask will switch to that network.

We support ETH, Aurora Near ETH, BNB, MATIC (all are on testnet for now)

4. Once you switch to a network in the dashboard, Metamask will also switch the network you are connected to, in the wallet.

5. You can easily get Test Tokens on any of the 4 supported networks by clicking on Get Test <TokenName> button at the top.

6. When you use any of our products to create a payment button/product/donation etc, your selected network and wallet will be used in the smart contract. When you switch the network and/or the connected wallet in Metamask, and create a new button/product etc, the new network and wallet address will be used. You can easily see on the dashboard, which network and wallet are used for a particular MooPay Payment Product.

7. We support both micro-transactions and regular transactions. If you are receiving micro-transactions from your customers, we settle the transactions to your wallet in 24 hours. If it is a regular transaction, you receive the payment directly from the smart contract after deducting MooPay fees (1% of the transaction)

8. Please use different MooPay Payment Products and let us know how you find those.



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