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MooPay QuickPay (Updated)

We have updated MooPay Dashboard and added lot of exciting new features.

Our focus is to make the payments more democratized and simpler to use for everyone. Please use this guide for MooPay QuickPay Walkthrough.

  1. When you signup, you will receive a verify email request. Once you verify, you login to the dashboard.

2. You need to click “Connect Wallet” and select MetaMask or any Wallet Connect supported wallet.

3. Once you connect a wallet, you see an option to select any of the 4 chains we support. When you click on a network icon, Metamask will switch to that network.

We support ETH, Aurora Near ETH, BNB, MATIC (all are on testnet for now)

4. Once you switch to a network in the dashboard, Metamask will also switch the network you are connected to, in the wallet.

5. Go to QuickPay Tab and click on “Create QuickPay”

6. You may fill all the details in the form. Once you submit, the button is generated.

7. You can use the button directly hosted on MooPay website or you can embed it into your website.

8. If you open the Preview, you will see the Live Button.

9. Once your customer clicks on Pay button, they are asked to enter their details. The amount is already filled in, and it can not be changed, if it is set by the merchant.

10. Your customer has different options to make the payment. They could use MetaMask, any of the Wallet Connect supported wallets, or just scan a QR code with their wallet and make the payment.

11. Once the payment is successful, you can see the transaction on your dashboard. The money is already settled in your wallet.

We have been working hard to make it easier and simpler to accept and receive payments. Please share your feedback on how we could serve you better.



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