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MooPay recent updates

Last 1.5 years have been extra tough on most of the people. MooPay also went through some turbulent times.

We got selected in Binance Build for Bharat demo day and then things slowed down for a while. The market started behaving in ways not seen for a while and a more cautious approach was called for.

But a lot of amazing things have also happened for Bitcoin adoption and the broad Cryptocurrency market. With many countries presenting bills to accept/regulate/recognize Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we are leading towards a market that is maturing and is gaining more mainstream adoption.

As is usual in any early market, many exploits also happened and some projects were hacked or drained of money by people who had a finer understanding of how to exploit the new systems and pools of money.

MooPay is determined to build a product for the masses, and we are continuously working towards this goal. There have been a few hiccups along the way but no journey is fun without a few challenges.

In next few weeks, we will be sharing our first few products live on testnet and for anyone to see and try. We are really excited for the times ahead, as we are moving into a new era of blockchain and cryptocurrency innovation and we are just getting started!



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