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NEAR awards MooPay $50,000 Grant for it’s no-code Payment Gateway

Near and MooPay Logos — grant announcement

MooPay, the no-code, non-custodial crypto payments for creators, has been awarded a $50,000 token grant by the NEAR foundation.

MooPay, which provides really simple and yet powerful payment tools on blockchain, making it easy for anyone to integrate web3 crypto payments on their website or app, received the grant to continue its development of NEAR and Aurora integration and for its payment tools.

The project is due to launch on Aurora in November, alongside NEAR Native mainnet launch. The grant has been split into three chunks: the first, will help MooPay apply the finishing touches to its launch on Aurora, the turnkey solution for developers seeking to extend their dApps to reach additional markets.

The second block, will be released after the successful launch on NEAR Native testnet. MooPay has also graduated from Near Accelerator as one of the top 3 winners, an accelerator for projects building on the Near Blockchain.

The third block, will be released after the successful launch on NEAR Native mainnet. MooPay will get the contracts audited on the Near Blockchain before going live on mainnet.

MooPay wants to make payments democratic.

We believe Web2.0 is not suited for the future and it was never creator friendly. Web2.0 is centralized, not transparent, not democratic and controls the fate of creators by controlling their finances.

MooPay believes payments should be democratic and creators should be in-charge of their own finances and fate. We believe MooPay and Web3.0 fix this.

MooPay has a suite of no-code payment tools which are completely non-custodial and let anyone start accepting payments on their platform in less than 2 minutes. The payments are transferred to the creator/merchant wallet through a smart contract so there is never a risk of funds getting locked or not being accessible on MooPay.

MooPay also shares and believes in NEAR’s mission of a multi-chain future, and its architecture has been developed for easy integrations with other protocols to ensure people on any blockchain can access our suite of easy-to-use, no-code and non-custodial payments.

Find out more about MooPay here: moopay.live



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