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To infinity and beyond…

We are writing these words today as we were too lazy to start adding blog posts before. Or you could say, we were busy like hell, with working nonstop for months, with our heads down.

MooPayments is an ecosystem of various people, tools, blockchains, and a bit of magic dust which aims to make the cryptocurrency less of a puzzle and more of a daily usage thing for billions of people on this earth and to Mars.

We are building a company to outlast us, to last into the next century, and to help the world enter the new era of finance and payments, fueled by blockchain, decentralized finance, and things yet to be named or be made in this world.

Stay tuned. This will be a hell of a ride. Like every startup, there is a 90% chance of not making it big. But to get a 10% chance of changing the world is a pretty sweet deal.



No-coding, non-custodial web3 payments for the commerce.

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