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INFINITY smart grid — delivering clean, affordable, reliable 24-hour power for anyone, anywhere

INFINITY is the first distributed smart storage + solar system adaptable to off-grid, weak grid and microgrid use cases.

ZOLA Electric, formerly Off Grid Electric, today announced the INFINITY power system — the first distributed power system adaptable to off-grid, weak grid and microgrid use cases. INFINITY is the first smart storage product to deliver clean, affordable, reliable 24/7 AC power for anyone, anywhere.

This announcement comes on the heels of the appointment of Lyndon and Peter Rive, co-founders of SolarCity, now Tesla Energy, to board and advisory roles at ZOLA.

Designed in California, INFINITY is positioned to displace Nigeria’s mass reliance on diesel generators by bringing to market a cost-effective clean energy alternative. The INFINITY power system uses smart storage technology to store solar or grid power generated during the day, and autonomously deliver the most efficient power source whenever it is needed. The INFINITY power system is a smart, sustainable, reliable, cost-effective alternative to diesel generators.

The energy access problem in emerging markets

More than 2.2 billion people and millions of businesses worldwide don’t have access to reliable power. In Africa, a billion people live without clean, affordable or reliable power. In emerging markets across the globe, urban areas are rapidly expanding. Weak grid infrastructure is struggling to meet demand for 24/7 power. Unreliable and intermittent power supply undermines productivity and development.

In Nigeria, there is rapid urban growth and the electrical grid is unable to meet its citizens’ basic energy demands. Grid infrastructure simply cannot deliver reliable 24/7 power for millions of homes and businesses. Power from the grid is unreliable and expensive and power outages and surges are frequent.

Diesel generators have become the default stop-gap response for basic power needs. Despite cost, inconvenience and air pollution, Nigeria now has more diesel generators per capita than anywhere else in the world.

More than 100 million Nigerians use diesel generators daily, which costs the country nearly $14 billion each year and creates massive environmental problems and adverse health effects from air pollution.

Diesel generators in Nigeria produce about 29 million metric tons of CO2 each year — the emissions equivalent of roughly 6.3 million passenger vehicles.

INFINITY Autonomous Power Grid

INFINITY is designed to solve every level of the energy access problem. INFINITY’s smart storage technology delivers clean, affordable, reliable 24/7 AC power across the energy spectrum — from homes and businesses with weak grid connections to off-grid areas where energy infrastructure is non-existent.

INFINITY is built for purpose, autonomous, smart and scalable. INFINITY is one of the most technologically advanced smart storage systems available anywhere

Unlike the majority of distributed power systems available today, INFINITY:

  • utilizes smart storage technology to autonomously manage multiple power sources and deliver reliable 24/7 AC power
  • has a unique interoperable capability to work with solar and the grid
  • automatically optimizes solar efficiency to minimize energy costs and CO2
  • is built for purpose through scalable and modular design so that users can add expansion storage whenever their power needs grow
  • is rugged, durable and guaranteed to last
  • employs built-in electrical safety mechanisms to safeguard against power outages, power surges and voltage fluctuations common in weak grid systems

Lyndon Rive, Chairman: “Solar City changed the way we access sustainable solar power in developed markets. With ZOLA, we are now facing the challenge and opportunity of bringing sustainable power to emerging markets. Africa is embracing the opportunity to adopt a smarter and more sustainable way to generate, store and use energy. ZOLA’s new technology platform will enable countries around the world to leapfrog the electric grid with distributed renewable energy.”

Bill Lenihan, CEO: “ZOLA Electric is a company committed to solving the energy access problem globally — for the 2.2 billion people who can’t access clean, affordable or reliable power or share the benefits that energy access delivers. Our business model and technology has been designed as a holistic solution for emerging markets anywhere. The INFINITY power system is the right technological framework to scale and deliver ZOLA’s ambitious energy access goals on time and on target. ZOLA is proud of our mission to democratize renewable energy globally.”

Xavier Helgesen, Co-Founder, President & CTO: “Africa is leading the world’s transition to sustainable energy through distributed electrification. Advances in distributed smart storage + solar technology now make it possible for homes and businesses anywhere to generate, store and consume energy sustainably. ZOLA’s research and development program has attracted some of world’s best designers and engineers, and after years of careful planning and hard work, we are proud to deliver one of the most technologically advanced smart storage systems available anywhere. INFINITY has been designed from the ground up as a rugged, modular and scalable system that can adapt to a wide variety of use cases. We’re excited to see how our technological innovation in distributed renewable energy will help unleash the economic potential of businesses and communities worldwide.”

About ZOLA Electric

ZOLA Electric is the leading renewable energy brand in Africa, helping our customers power their homes and businesses and stay connected with clean, affordable, reliable 24/7 power, anywhere.

By providing distributed smart storage + solar technology that is affordable and accessible, ZOLA helps the average home or business leapfrog the grid. ZOLA designs distributed renewable energy solutions based on the latest in smart storage, solar and power electronics technology. Adaptable to energy need and income, ZOLA’s power systems can be bought over time using PAYGo micro-finance and mobile money payments.

ZOLA powers more than 1 million people each day and more than 200,000 homes and business across Tanzania, Rwanda, Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and Nigeria. ZOLA is a recipient of the UNFCCC Momentum for Change Award and the Zayed Future Energy Prize. Our investment partners include Tesla, EDF, GE, Total, DBL Partners, Helios Investment Partners and Vulcan Capital.



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ZOLA Electric is democratising energy with clean, affordable, reliable distributed solar + smart storage solutions — POWER ANYWHERE 🌞⚡️🔋🌍