📣 Marketplace Open for Trading as Early Access (Beta)

That’s right, zombie slayers!

Get up and do a little dance, because we’re now rolling out early access to the Zombie Battleground Marketplace as we speak! 🕺

As of right now, you can head over to the Marketplace on Loom.Games and start trading your cards — P2P styles. 🤘

Actually, I’m so excited about this announcement, I wrote a limerick for ya…

There once was a zombie named Blade.
On the fierce Battleground, he played.
He bought early packs.
Of cards, he had stacks.
On the Marketplace, he would trade.

Hope you like that one 🤪

❗Important Disclaimers❗

Yes, you can start trading cards right away — there are just a couple things you also need to know:


We’re still in the process of tweaking the game balance, and we will continue to do so over the coming weeks (taking player feedback into account after the rebalanced cards have been implemented into the game).

That means the card stats you see on the Marketplace are still subject to change — some of them potentially drastically.

So if you choose to trade your cards on the Marketplace now, you’re doing so with the knowledge that the cards you buy or sell might have their stats changed within the coming weeks. (For some of you, that extra “unknown” may add to the excitement of trading 😉)


The Marketplace is in the very early stages, and we expect to encounter a few bugs.

If any of your funds get stuck or the waiting takes way too long, just email support@loomx.io and we’ll look into it for you.

To help us understand the issue and find a fix faster, please describe your situation in as much detail as possible. This info is super helpful:

  • Device model
  • OS and version number
  • Browser and version number
  • A screenshot or video would be the icing on the cake.

…mmm cake…

What Can I Do on the Marketplace Right Now?

  • Browse all the cards in the game (currently 154) which have recently been updated to reflect the rebalance.
  • Set your own prices for each card you want to sell — only ETH for now.
  • Choose to list a single card for sale or list multiple copies of the same card at once.
  • Keep track of the items you have up for sale, and cancel any of your listings at any time.
  • See how many copies of each card are up for sale and the individual listings for each.
Collect the cards you’ll use to crush your opponents, and sell the ones you no longer need.

Since it’s still early access, we’ll be adding more functionality and updating the UX as we go.

For example — when you want to purchase cards, for now, you must use MetaMask to deposit ETH into the Marketplace first. We’ll soon be offering different options for purchasing... Keep reading 👇

A Peek at What’s Ahead

Here are some of the things coming your way (in no particular order):

  • Payments using other currencies — crypto and USD
  • Two styles of auctions — countdown and bidding
  • Ability to place an ask — i.e. looking to buy abc card at xyz price
  • Ability to gift cards to your friends
  • A trading feed
  • Bug fixes on statistics
  • And more…

We’re hard at work over here bringing you the updates when we have them. So keep your ears to the ground…

Get your butt over to the official Discord (if you haven’t done so already) — where we talk about the game, the cards, third-party tools, memes, and lots of other fun stuff. 👾

You can offer your #suggestions and post any #bug-reports in the Discord too.

So… you ready to trade?

Start trading on the Zombie Battleground Marketplace.

Zombie Battleground is the world’s first desktop and mobile card game that runs entirely on the blockchain. Learn more at Loom.games.

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