Some light reading

Zombie Scrum often springs from an incomplete understanding of what Scrum is really trying to achieve. By treating Scrum only as a ‘method’, the actual goals are lost. The first step in dealing with Zombie Scrum, is to get people on the same page as to what we’re actually trying to achieve with this whole ‘Agile Software Development’-thing.

So spend some time mulling over these resources. With your team if possible:

  • The official Scrum Guide. A very obvious first start, but oddly one that is almost always forgotten;
  • The Agile Manifesto. Also very obvious, but this puts down a clear vision of what we’re trying to achieve;
  • Scrum, a Pocket Guide by Gunther Verheyen. Reads like an espresso. Very dense, highly informative and very, very enlightening;

Some posts on this site are also good starting points: