Music is an Art

Music refreshes our mind and inspires us to go further. I think music can change one’s life. It has the power to motivate someone. One of my favorite band named Artcell, their music is quite different from others in our country. Their songs give me inspiration,motivation and everything that is needed in daily life. My favorite band is Linkin Park. It seems to me that Linkin Park is the best band ever I’ve seen in my life. Their first album’s first song named ‘Papercut’ is one of the powerful song ever I’ve listened to. The finishing line ‘The sun goes down,I fell the light betray me’ gives me the strength to face any critical situation. It feels like, Yeah! I can do this. Why not…? Critical situations are part of my life. I’ve to face these things and then the success will come. In this way, I am always inspired by them.

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