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Edgeware Ledger App by Zondax

We are excited to announce our collaboration with Edgeware!
Edgeware is a mainnet third generation, self-upgrading smart contract platform in the Polkadot Ecosystem.

On Tuesday 11/03/2021 we signed an agreement with them to develop a Ledger app for Edgeware.

We will start developing the app this week, the functional ledger app is estimated to be finished in 6 weeks. Once the Edgeware Ledger app is finished, it will be submitted to Ledger for their review and approval. Once approved, the app will be available and launched in the Ledger App Store.


Milestone 1: Prototype / Early Integration Release
Estimated duration: 3 weeks

  • Basic APDU functionality and specs
  • Basic project structure and continuous integration
  • Address Generation / HD support
  • Mainnet/Testnet support based on derivation path
  • Transaction deserialization
  • Basic user interface (complete tx review will still be work in progress)

Milestone 2: Feature complete
Estimated duration: 3 weeks

  • Final APDU protocol definition
  • Ability to review and sign transactions in the UI
  • Reference JavaScript library + integrations test and Vue example

Once we have finished the Edgeware Ledger App, Ledger will review the app:

Milestone 3: Ledger Review and App Store Release
Estimated duration: depends on Ledger’s review queue

  • We will prepare and coordinate the submission to Ledger
  • We will apply adjustments that result from Ledger’s review process

Once Ledger has reviewed and approved the Edgeware Ledger app, the app will be released on the App Store and will be available for Edgeware users.

“Edgeware is excited to collaborate with Zondax on bringing Ledger support to the Edgeware community. We have long wanted this to happen, to give our users more options to store their Edgeware tokens, and are looking to collaborating with this world class team.”
Drew Stone from Edgeware

Follow the progress

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