Hey everyone, this is Harry over at Zonder! I’m one of the founders of this travel-based venture, and I’d like to share with you what Zonder and this Explorer’s Log is all about.

For those of you who don’t know what we’re making, it’s a smartphone app that matches your location with the coordinates of different attractions to document your visits and award points and levels to you. We’ll have a number of different gaming and social features as well, including badge earning achievements, and the ability to share the places you visit with your friends.

Zonder is an experience made for modern-day explorers, by people who love to explore. In our context, “exploration” means seeking out new experiences and going to places you’ve never gone to before. It doesn’t have anything to do with where other people go; exploration is all about experiencing things for yourself.

When recruiting my Zonder team, one criterion was candidates’ travel interests and aspirations. We want our unique travel experience to be made by travelers who are enthusiastic about our mission. I’m pleased to say that we’ve assembled an amazing group of people from different backgrounds and experiences, with a shared love of going out and seeing the world. I personally love traveling, both solo and with friends. This is why I started Zonder.

Prague Castle, Prague, CZ — October 2016

With our Explorer’s Log, we’re planning on providing great insight into not only our development process, but also the experiences of our team. Get ready for a balanced reading diet consisting of the following types of articles (and much more):

  1. Startup Life and Experiences
  2. Future Features in Development
  3. New Update Releases
  4. Travel and Personal Experiences

We’ll have contributions not only from myself and Adam, but also other members of our team, in disciplines ranging from programming to art to sales. You’ll start to get more familiar with our members as you follow our blog and insights.

Current Login Screen — March 15, 2018

To give you guys your first developmental update: We’re still in the pre-alpha phase of Zonder. Main app development has been going on for about 4 months now, and a few of the screens are starting to look good. We’re testing Zonder within our team, and looking for improvements in aesthetics, usability, and features. We don’t have every feature yet, but the beta will have more than enough content for you guys as we push out new updates. We’re also working on blog content and our website. Check it out when you get a chance!

In April, we’ll launch our limited beta version with an innovative invite system. We’ll let you know the specifics right before launch, but we’ve built in a number of different ways for people to snag invites. (Hint: one of them is by signing up on the website)

We’re working as hard as possible to get this app in great condition out to you guys in April! And we’d like to encourage our followers to check our page every once in a while for all the latest updates. Let us know what you think of our progress!

Stay tuned for my next post — The Origin Story!