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Jul 19 · 5 min read

Here is a recap of the ZooRena AMA that took place on the 18th of July 2021 at 13 UTC, via the ZooKeeper channel, for those of you who missed it.

ZooPorter — Mr. Squawkle - Welcome my dear fellow ZooKeepers to today’s AMA! Please note that this AMA will focus on ZooRena only. Squawk squawk.

SQUAAAWK! In this session, we will go through a series of questions to help you understand ZooRena in more detail. Some screenshots will also be shared, which are from the current Testnet version, and are subject to change until the final Mainnet version is released. Squawk squaaawk.

ZooPorter — Mr. Squawkle - For our first question, squawk, what is the primary purpose of ZooRena? Squawk

ZooRena was created with the main purpose of entertaining ZooKeeper’s community by enabling communication between the blockchain and Telegram. Such a game would encourage interaction between its community using Telegram real time updates, and would also introduce NFTs into the mix.

This should build excitement through talk-and-shill. You will be able to discuss which is your favorite team, what NFT you chose to apply, which wagers you are in, overall ways to augment winning chances, etc… It opens up a whole new exciting strategic dimension to ZooKeeper, and further allows room for positive and constructive interaction within the community.

ZooPorter — Mr. Squawkle - Squawk! That sounds great indeed! Now, what is the concept of ZooRena, squaaawk?

Glad you asked, my squawkie friend! ZooRena is an exciting place where two clans representing two of the numerous ZooKeeper mascots will be randomly selected once a week to participate in an amusing battle against each other.
Participants are free to choose which clan they would like to support, and add some extra strength to their chosen clan by attaching an NFT, which will boost their clan’s chances of survival, and thus increase their chances of winning.

To add further excitement and dimension to the feature, in-game events will be made available to wager upon, with multiple possible outcomes. Oh the possibilities are very exciting!

Here is a nice little teaser for you while we are at it. Again, do note that these are Testnet screenshots and do not necessarily represent the final Mainnet version of the game; both design and graphic-wise.

ZooPorter — Mr. Squawkle - That will be great fun, squawk! And this looks amazing; I can’t wait! So, delving further into this feature, what options will ZooRena offer, specifically? Squawk squawk.

Upon entering the ZooRena, you are invited to select which side you would like to join and must pay an entry fee. This will enable you to place wagers, and will offer you a chance (if your clan wins) to earn a Silver Chest and 3 Lottery tickets for a possibility to win the final Jackpot.
The clan with the highest score when the contest concludes will be declared the winner.

Every contest will have 9 types of wager events, for as many possibilities of winning chests. Wagers must be placed before the event starts but not during. The cost (in $ZOO) to take part is dynamic and will vary depending on two factors: the wager probability chosen, and current chest price.

Let me show you another teaser; this is one of the wager screens.

ZooPorter — Mr. Squawkle - Great! Now I’m sure we would all like to know, how can we use our NFTs in ZooRena? Squawwk squawk.

Great question, and one the community has indeed been wondering about. Ok so, once the entry fee has been paid, you guys will have the option of adding Power Weight to your selected clan by attaching an NFT (note that only 1 NFT per user is allowed here). Attaching an NFT to a clan could be the key to success as it boosts chances to stand victorious at the end of the battle. Pretty cool right?

ZooPorter — Mr. Squawkle - Very cool indeed, squawk! Now, we have been hearing about a lottery, squaawk? What is that about? Squa-squaawk

Ok, first off, let me show you guys a Lottery Ticket teaser image; the winning ticket is highlighted here.

You can accumulate Lottery tickets by joining a clan and/or by placing wagers. The number of tickets you receive when joining a clan is fixed (3) but you will get more and more tickets when trying your luck on more expensive wagers. After the fight has ended, the lottery tickets selected will only be related to users that have chosen to support the winning clan, 3 winners will be randomly chosen and the jackpot will be distributed evenly.

ZooPorter — Mr. Squawkle - That certainly adds a welcome zinger to the mix, squawk! On to our next question, this time via Twitter: What are all the different mechanics ZooRena adds that the community has been asking for?

As previously touched upon, this great feature will surely add excitement and participation from our community as it will also be interacting with the TG chat via our beloved ZooPorter. This will improve activity, encourage constructive discussion, and further enhance the overall ZooKeeper platform experience.

Secondly, a reminder that the ZooPorter is ZooKeepers pixelated Parrot that will commentate throughout the event. The ZooPorter’s primary purpose is to announce results of fight and wager events. You can see an example of this cool mechanic below as I will post a teaser screenshot now.

Thirdly, ZooRena will introduce an additional burn system. 50% of the wagers placed will be burned, and the remaining 50% will be added to the current battle’s accumulated Jackpot. (note that the entry fee is considered a wager as well)

Finally, as requested on several occasions by our awesome ZooKeeper community, you will be able to get an NFT at a cheaper price if your wager is successful.
To further help in this endeavor, two important things are to be noted:

There will be a 3% DECREASE of chest prices, implemented one WEEK before the first ZooRena fight; and a 50% discount will be offered at launch ON ALL WAGERS!

ZooPorter — Mr. Squawkle - Ok this all sounds splendid, squawk! That concludes today’s session; we hope you have enjoyed this ZooRena AMA, and that you are all excited to try out this new feature very soon! Goodbye for now. SQUAWK SQUAWK.


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ZooKeeper brings you a new and exciting multi feature experience, while embracing the popular crypto trend of NFTs. This leads you to benefit from higher mining rewards as well as richer and more interesting gaming fun with the use of NFTs.

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ZooKeeper is a unique gamified, yield farming dApp that brings you a new & exciting multi feature experience, while embracing the popular crypto trend of NFTs.

ZooKeeper Official

ZooKeeper brings you a new and exciting multi feature experience, while embracing the popular crypto trend of NFTs. This leads you to benefit from higher mining rewards as well as richer and more interesting gaming fun with the use of NFTs.