Behind the Curtain: Publishable URL Sharing Requests

Abraham Queen
Jan 13 · 5 min read
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Have you ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes when you submit an app to the Zoom App Marketplace?

There are two main submission processes that you can use when creating an app, a Publishable URL sharing request and an App Publishing Request.

In this article, I’ll cover a Publishable URL sharing request, which allows an unpublished app to be distributed to other Zoom members outside your account. App Publishing Requests, covered in this article, allows an app to be installed by all Zoom users through the Marketplace.

As you are developing your app and diving into the Zoom Platform, you want to make sure the same care and attention is going into your app once you hand it off to the Zoom App Marketplace team. What does a good submission look like in comparison to one we would reject? How do we handle the app during the review process? When will your Publishable URL be available so you can finish testing your app and share what you have so far?

When we receive a Publishable URL sharing request we look for three main factors to enable an approval: Reason for Sharing Beyond your account, Intent to Publish to Marketplace, and App Integrity (how trustworthy and realized the app seems).

We evaluate each app on an individual basis and closely examine reasons why an app would require publishable URL sharing. Providing more detail in your submission gives a greater likelihood of approval.

Here is an example submission:

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In this submission we can see that although we have some preliminary information about the App, the three criteria are lacking.

The developer has given the reason ”Because I need to test it.” While testing can be a valid reason (such as beta-testing or alpha-testing), this developer needs to provide an explanation for this testing regardless. Also, developers within the same Zoom Account can test the app without the need for a Publishable URL sharing request.

The developer has selected “NO”. If you are truly not intending to publish to the App Marketplace, you do not need to submit this request or go through this review. We make approvals for Publishable URL sharing for Apps that are intended to be published on the Marketplace.

This app is missing a lot of information and what they have provided looks like dummy data or just sample info. For example, the App Icon is just the Zoom Logo, there is no Long Description, their Short Description doesn’t tell us anything about the app, no Images, etc.

In this case we would reject the request, providing the developer with specific reasons why and information on the types of apps we support in case this was a mistaken request.

Let’s evaluate a second submission of this app, in which they addressed each of the reasons for rejection with quality app information

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On this submission, the developer has provided a specific reason, (“Beta-Testing”) as well as what their testing is aiming to accomplish. This also tells me they are taking care of issues now, and they are intending to publish on our Marketplace.

This time, they selected ‘YES’, which passes our test but also shows this review is required.

This submission is better, they have added a good Long Description, images showing some of the app, they have a documentation URL and their Icon is something unique. While not all this information is perfect, this app is still in development and is not expected to be flawless. This Meta-Data will suffice for an approval because it shows the reviewer, 1. they are actively improving their app, 2. they are listening to our suggestions, 3. they have an idea and direction for the app.

How do we handle the app during the review process?

During the review process, your app will appear on our queue:

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This is what we see on our internal dashboard after you have submitted a Publishable URL Sharing Request

From here, we open your app information (see previous examples) and review each of the three criteria as well as try to familiarize ourselves with what your app is trying to accomplish. If your app passes, we will Approve the request, you will receive an email confirmation and you can then access your Publishable URL from your App page in Zoom Marketplace > Manage > Build Apps > Your App > Submit > Publishable URL.

If your app does NOT pass, we will send you an email explaining why we rejected. Please review these notes, make adjustments to your app, and re-request.

When will my Publishable URL be available so I can finish testing my app and share what I have made so far?

We work through these requests in the order we receive them and maintain a 72 hour first response time on all our requests. However, because we have this system in place and we review these requests based off of these three specific criteria, Publishable URL sharing requests are the most quickly actionable requests we receive. You should expect a quick and actionable response.

If you would like any further information regarding Publishable URL sharing requests or the App Submission process, please see these Documentation articles we have written for you:

Submission Review

Submitting an App

Submission Checklist

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Thank you for paying some attention to us behind the curtain

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