Migrating your existing Zoom apps to our new Marketplace.

By now, you’ve heard the announcement about Zoom’s new marketplace where you can develop and publish your own apps. We’re also moving our existing developer experience under our new marketplace as well, however if you’re like many of our existing customers who used our legacy platform developer.zoom.us, you may be thinking how does this affect me and my existing apps? Well, look no further, below is our developer migration strategy for apps that use JWT or OAuth and the difference between internal and external apps within marketplace.

Apps using JWT

If you have an existing JWT app using Version 1 or Version 2 of our API, your API credentials will be automatically migrated to our marketplace. You still will be able to access our APIs the same way as you did before. The only difference is that now you will have to login using marketplace.zoom.us.

Apps using OAuth

For customers who have an existing OAuth integration, you will need retrieve your new Client ID & Client Secret from our marketplace and follow our OAuth flow to select the scopes you need for your new OAuth app.

Marketplace Client ID and Client Secret
Choosing Scopes in Marketplace

Internal vs External Apps

Within our marketplace, you will have an option to keep your new app internal or publish it, make it available to all Zoom Customers by publishing your app to the Zoom App Marketplace. For accounts that are using JWT, your app will always be internal. If you have an OAuth app and wish to keep your app internal you can follow the regular process and just generate a publishable url to enable your production credentials.

Generate Publishable URL in Marketplace

Thanks for reading our new developer migration strategy for our new marketplace, feel free to provide any feedback in the comments below or email us at developersupport@zoom.us.