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Benjamin Dean
Nov 8, 2018 · 4 min read
Josh Lowy, Hugo.team co-founder

We asked Josh Lowy, co-founder of Hugo (one of the first apps published on the Zoom App Marketplace), to share with us the impact of integrating with Zoom and how it has helped improve the future of meetings for customers…

How Integrating With Zoom Helps Hugo Improve the Future of Meetings

At Hugo, we strive to drive more effective teamwork by reinventing meeting notes. By making meeting notes shareable and actionable, our platform streamlines insight into execution and has helped our customers cut down meeting wastage by 40%. A big part of what makes this possible is our integration with all of a modern team’s favorite applications such as Slack, Salesforce, Jira, and Trello.

Zoom powers more than 100 million API engagements each month with its versatile set of APIs and cross-platform SDKs. So it’s easy to see why we are absolutely thrilled to become one of the first third-party apps in Zoom’s new App Marketplace. Integrating with Zoom is simple and efficient. And it lets developers tap into a multitude of new functionalities that enable them to create a more customer-centric solution.

Why We Integrated With Zoom

We noticed that a substantial portion of our users followed the same protocol for every meeting: they’d join the Zoom call, open Hugo to take notes, and constantly switch between the two browser tabs throughout the meeting. It became clear that closing this gap in efficiency would produce a better experience for our shared customers.

As if this wasn’t enough reason for integration, a deeper analysis of our aggregate customer data revealed some telling facts:

  • Zoom meetings are more prevalent: Our customers are four times more likely to hold meetings on Zoom than any other conferencing provider.
  • Zoom meetings are more efficient: Zoom meetings on Hugo are 22% shorter than non-Zoom meetings. They’re also twice as likely to start before 10:00 AM and allow for 50 percent more people to attend.
  • Zoom powers both internal and external meetings: Our customers utilize Zoom’s capabilities just as much for internal meetings as they do for external meetings.

These were clear indicators that integration with Zoom would have a profound impact on Hugo’s users.

What It Was Like to Integrate With Zoom

Hugo app listing on the Zoom App Marketplace

Integrating with Zoom has already proven to be a great choice for our customers. But it was equally as nice of an experience for Hugo’s developers as well! Here are the main qualities that simplified the process and really left a lasting impression on our team:

  • Administrator-Level Authentication Abilities: Faster authentication equals faster adoption. But user-level authentication often introduces some friction when setting up a new tool or process. The average Hugo customer is managing 60 to 100 SaaS vendors, so simplifying authentication was crucial. Fortunately, Zoom lets the administrator enable integration for the entire team, making speed to adoption much faster.
  • Rich API: Like any lean startup, we’re always looking to improve our offering to provide a better customer experience. One common request among our clients was the need for seamless recording and transcription. But these capabilities would require immense amounts of time and resources to build from scratch. By using Zoom’s rich API, we were able to provide this functionality to our customers in a matter of weeks.
  • Full Support for Greenfield Projects: Like many niches, the meeting space is ripe for many productivity gains to be unlocked. Implementing these is a paramount priority for Hugo. We’ve made leaps and bounds on many of these initiatives thanks to Zoom’s holistic support of a real developer ecosystem. Zoom gives developers access to functionality they wouldn’t be able to build themselves. And they also give developers access to an audience, an equally important factor to consider.

An End-to-End Meeting Solution

Combining Hugo and Zoom has unlocked a complete end-to-end online meeting solution for our customers.

Custora is a leading cloud-based retail customer intelligence platform. The company is also a Hugo customer. Asher Waxman, Custora’s Director of Partnerships, explains the incredible impact Hugo’s integration with Zoom has already made on the company:

“Connecting Hugo with Zoom is the final piece of the puzzle in making our meetings truly shareable and actionable. In one click, we can launch a Zoom call via Hugo and take notes that are automatically shared with the team via Slack, synced with Salesforce and turned into Trello cards. Additionally, the Zoom transcript and recording linked to our meeting notes is a huge benefit in keeping an accessible record for the team. To us, that’s the future of meetings and team collaboration.”

Context is extremely powerful. Giving team members the ability to playback Zoom audio recordings alongside their meeting notes removes previously insurmountable obstacles standing in the way of progress. This streamlining of insights is what Hugo is all about. And integrating with Zoom has helped us to build on top of our core value proposition by closing the gap between insight and action.

You can learn more about Hugo for Zoom here.

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All the ways you can join, build, and create on the Zoom Developer platform

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Zoom Developer Blog

All the ways you can join, build, and create on the Zoom Developer platform

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