Google and Coinbase Jointly Tackle Web 3.0

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2 min readOct 19, 2022


It seems Sharjah has joined the metaverse party as the emirate seeks to expand its frontiers into Web 3.0 with the launch of a new metaverse city labeled Sharjahverse.

However, the big news coming out of Web 3.0 this week is Coinbase and Google’s cooperation.

Coinbase and Google Power Up in Strategic Partnership

Finally, Coinbase has announced its strategic collaboration with Google Cloud, and this collaboration is taking place on four fronts.

Coinbase through Coinbase Commerce will allow certain Google Cloud users to pay for its services through specific crypto coins.

Furthermore, blockchain developers can use Coinbase Cloud’s Node service to access Google’s Cloud blockchain data. The partnership also allows Google Cloud to utilize Coinbase Prime for Web 3.0 services such as reporting and secure custody.

Lastly, the collaboration allows Google Cloud to become Coinbase’s strategic cloud provider.


More news coming in hot this week includes the launching of a social media platform, SOCLLY, tailored for Web 3.0 developers, content creators, influencers, etc.

More Web 3.0 opportunities are coming to the sports industry courtesy of the multi-year partnership deal between Polygon and Sportfive agency.

Some people within the Web 3.0 community are accusing CNN of a rug pull with the forsaking of its Vault NFT marketplace.

OpenSea has expanded its NFT frontier with the addition of the Avalanche blockchain, which means the “smol” world is coming to OpenSea.

At this year’s financial summit coming up in Bali by November, Embily will showcase its new metaverse-infused financial ecosystem.

This concludes our coverage for this week’s impressive series of events. Join us for more next week as we run down the best highlights of the week in Web 3.0.




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