Is The Next Generation Of Airline Tickets On The Blockchain? Flybondi Says Yes!

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2 min readSep 27, 2022


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Argentine Airline Flybondi to Introduce NFT Technology Into Its Flight Ticket System

An airline service provider in Argentina, Flybondi, is adopting NFT technology for its ticketing process. The low-cost airline operator has revealed its plan to issue flight tickets as digital tokens.


The name behind this brilliant concept is Travelx, experts in developing blockchain solutions. This new development will enable Flybondi customers to sell or transfer their digital asset flight tickets to other users three days before the scheduled flight.

Furthermore, customers have the option of buying these new flight tickets via Binance Pay using stablecoins to make payments starting with USDC. Additional stablecoins will be introduced later.


1- Let me tell you that the metaverse keeps expanding. A new end-to-end metaverse experience lab is the latest addition to the industry.

It was launched by disguise, and the lab will have experts helping brands, technologists, and creatives seeking to deliver a metaverse experience.‍

2- Web 3.0 just got sweeter for developers as Coinbase Cloud has introduced its Web 3.0 platform. The platform allows developers to build DApps on it for free.

3- A community gaming platform, Iskra, which secured funding to the tune of $40M from tech giants in Korea, is now heading towards its first token generation event set to take place on

4- Uncovering an NFT rarity level is now a thing of the past on OpenSea as the platform introduces its new Rarity ranking protocol.

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