Virtual Maze Run for holders of the Zoop Priority Pass

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3 min readSep 13, 2022


Special event for owners of the Zoop Priority Pass!

Run the maze for a chance to win ETH & an NFT (Digital Artwork, on IG & FB) from @Sabet

When: 12 noon, September 25th — 6PM PST; October 1st.

Visit our Discord to know more.

Virtual scavenger hunts are a great way to add a fun and engaging level of excitement to any Community. Whether it’s digging up a Pirates Bounty (Bounty) or uncovering the secrets of Solomon’s Temple (Solomon), participants will always find the experience to be rewarding.‍

Virtual Maze Run

September is known to be the start of the season of change, so we are going to be doing something a little different: a Virtual Maze Run.

It will be held in Voxels, a user-owned virtual world. Eligible participants will make their way thru & up a multi-level maze, to the primary objective on the top floor that must be reached for a chance at the grand bounty. As a secondary objective, on each level of the maze there will be a different avatar hidden somewhere on the walls, that can optionally be found to accrue XP in the Zoop ecosystem; find them all for an XP bonus.

Players will begin at the Zoop HQ & MetaGallery Parcel on Chronos Island. On the first floor they will find a portal linking them to the Maze. Upon completion of their run, they portal back to HQ.

Be sure to finalize your entry by completing the following:

  1. Upon your return, sign the guestbook located in front of the Step & Repeat banner.
  2. Take a WOMP or screenshot of your Voxels avatar in front of the Step & Repeat banner and share that to twitter with the #zoopmazerunner hashtag.
  3. Both of the above are needed for your entry to be valid; you also have the options to message us in the discord or DM the Community Manager for Zoop, Bodhizai.

Secondary Objective: Zoop Crew Avatars, Hide & Seek

Each Zoop avatar found is worth 10,000 XP coins, finding all 12 will activate a bonus of 30,000 XP for a grand total of 150,000 XP coins to be given out for use in the community server; which can be saved, or exchanged for merch. Take a Screenshot of yourself in front of each avatar found, and post it to the “Priority Pass” Channel in the Zoop Discord to be awarded your XP.

Concluding Thoughts

You can run the maze as many times as you wish, but only one entry will count per username (You are only able to sign the guestbook once); additional tweets or messages will not increase your chances of winning. There is no time limit to complete the maze.

The winner will be randomly chosen on Sunday, October 2nd, with the results initially posted on Twitter and in the Discord. The Grand Bounty is 0.5 ETH!

This is a special community event for members who own a Zoop Priority Pass NFT; to enter the parcel, you need to have the Priority Pass asset in the same wallet you sign into Voxels with.

If you don’t yet have it, you can get your Zoop Priority Pass Here, to take advantage of special utility and underlying rewards; including Airdrops, Events, and more.

We look forward to seeing all of the “COGZ” that keep the Zoop Community running strong, having an engaging, and fun time so spread the word, gather your friends and good luck!

We will see you there on the 25th!




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