Welcome to Zoop — 3D digital celebrity card game🔥

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3 min readApr 4, 2022


Welcome to Zoop!

What did you collect as a child? Maybe it was trading cards, stickers, toys, or even rocks. Whatever it was, think of the pure pleasure you experienced when you got your hands on something new. Or how warm you felt when looking at your beautiful collection.

Now fast forward a few years. Think about your favourite creators, artists and influencers, and how excited you get when their new content drops. How you are interested in their lives, and the thrill you feel when they finally like your tweet.

Imagine putting these feelings together, and you’ll see where we are at.

Zoop is a celebrity 3D trading card game where you can collect your favourite celebrities.

You can have fun playing the game, becoming more connected to your influencer of choice and reap real-world benefits.

How does the Zoop game work?

We’ll be releasing the full rules soon! But essentially, you’ll be able to acquire an influencer’s card when they drop on the app, or trade cards with other players just like you did with Pokemon cards at school.

You’ll then be able to use those cards to complete card set challenges and unlock reward packs. These will include a random selection of reward cards!

From there, you will be able to play in-app games and even earn in-app currency.

What does it mean for an influencer to drop on Zoop?

Just as your favourite artist drops a new album, that artist themselves can drop on Zoop. Whether you follow musicians, athletes, actors, or any type of celebrity, keep an eye out for the announcement that they are dropping on Zoop! A limited number of identical cards will be released for that influencer when they do.

If you miss out on the original drop, there will be opportunities to trade with other players for their cards. Or you can keep your eyes open for the possibility of other editions of cards for that influencer being released down the line.

Is there a Zoop marketplace?

Yes! The marketplace is where players trade cards. Once you get an influencer’s card you’ll be able to collect and hold onto it or trade it on the marketplace to the highest bidder.

Where does the “index” of influencers come in?

How do you compare the influence of a music icon to a world-renowned athlete to a celebrity beauty blogger?

Influence is usually not thought of as a very tangible thing.

“But in the future, by measuring the value of an influencer’s cards on zoop, we will have a metric to measure influence. Hence the index!”

Steve Pym Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer

What’s next for Zoop?

Watch this space! We’ll be revealing more about the rules of the game, how the marketplace will work and what special benefits our intrepid early adopters will receive.

Zoop is a brave new frontier in the creator economy as well as being a trading card game that will entertain you for hours, just like your collections did as a child.




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