Zoov: the European ebike sharing service that respects the city presented at the Autonomy trade show

Oct 18, 2018 · 5 min read

For the Autonomy mobility trade show, French startup Zoov presents the first ebike-sharing service that respects public roads with its lightweight, ultra-compact stations in the densest areas.

“After our observations and discussions with local officials, we immediately understood the importance of putting stations in high-density areas such as train stations and tourist areas,” explains Amira Haberah, the Co-founder and Marketing & Sales Director for Zoov. In less dense areas where you can park bikes without blocking other traffic, parking outside of stations is authorized.

A station model 4 times more compact than current stations

Zoov stations, which have two patents pending, work like shopping carts in supermarkets. There’s only one terminal shaped like a bike rack to attach the first bike, which is then used to attach another bike. This solution fits in up to 20 bikes in one standard parking space and is extremely easy to set up because it doesn’t require any construction work or major urban planning. It is installed free of charge to local authorities and lets residents enjoy the service in only a few weeks.

In order to serve less dense areas, a personal battery the size of a water bottle with 20 kilometers of battery life will be made available. As a plus, it can also be used as a backup battery for smartphones or tablets.

High-quality, connected bikes for long, comfortable riding

From the very beginning, Zoov has positioned itself as the designer and operator of its bike-sharing service. From the design to the mechanics and electronics, software and data management, Zoov bicycles have been fully designed in France, with only one goal in mind: providing a riding experience with a level of comfort never before seen with a sharing service. “In terms of comfort, we have made the choice to use real bike wheels with spokes and tires with inner tubes. As for power assistance, we use a torque sensor that adapts the power level to the user’s need, doing away with having to change gears,” explains Arnaud Le Rodallec, the Co-founder and General Manager of Zoov. For the design of the bike and the station, Zoov worked with the Paris-based agency Elium Studio.

Both unlocking and locking the bike happens in the app, via a Bluetooth connection between the user’s smartphone and the bike. Just scan the bike’s code to unlock it, and once you arrive, use the app again to lock it up using the engine. This engine locking system uses no physical lock, which dramatically reduces the risk of theft and vandalism.

In addition, every Zoov bike is equipped with sensors meant to improve maintenance operations. “One of the main challenges for shared mobility companies is to be able to offer high-quality service over the long term. We learn from data sent every day from our bikes so that once a problem is detected, we can take action before it becomes a critical issue for our users,” explains Eric Carreel, the Co-founder and President of Zoov. All diagnostic data from the bikes is saved on European servers and is only used in order to offer a bike-sharing service that is as reliable and safe as possible.

Support provided, from booking to parking

Once they install the Zoov app, users just need to reserve the nearest bike and follow the GPS directions to get to their destination.

Entering the destination lets users know in advance the duration and price of the ride, depending on whether they choose to park the bike at a station or in an authorized free spot. They can then reserve the bike.

Once the bike is unlocked using the app (via a Bluetooth connection), the GPS guide lets you get to your destination safely by following a path that is as cyclable as possible.

Once they arrive, users have a guaranteed spot if they choose to return the bike to a station, and with one tap in the app, the ride is ended.

A “bike revolution” for commuters

Now that companies are adopting mobility plans, and with 70% of French citizens living less than 8 kilometers from their workplace, Zoov is an ideal turnkey solution to help companies and their employees to choose low-impact, physically-active transportation methods. Between reducing sick leave and saving money, switching to bike sharing for commutes has only benefits. If they want to go even further with it, Zoov also lets companies install one or several stations on their premises so they can have quick, exclusive access available to their employees.

Tested at the Saclay Plateau starting in November

Starting in November, the Zoov ebike-sharing service will be deployed at the Saclay Plateau, a top spot for research and innovation, serving the main towns, companies, and train stations in the area. As the result of a unique collaboration between a startup, local authorities, and local businesses, this experimentation process is supported by the Île-de-France region, earning the “Smart Mobility Solution” label from Mov’eo, a key competitiveness cluster in terms of mobility.

About Zoov

Created in 2017 by Eric Carreel, Arnaud Le Rodallec, and Amira Haberah, Zoov is an ebike-sharing service so you can get around easily and safely, naturally integrating into cityscapes thanks to its lightweight, ultra-compact stations in the densest areas.


Zoov est le service de partage de vélos à assistance électrique pour se déplacer avec facilité et sécurité. Il s’intègre naturellement dans la ville grâce à des stations légères et ultra-compactes dans les zones les plus denses.


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Zoov est le service de partage de vélos à assistance électrique pour se déplacer avec facilité et sécurité, et qui respecte la ville.



Zoov est le service de partage de vélos à assistance électrique pour se déplacer avec facilité et sécurité. Il s’intègre naturellement dans la ville grâce à des stations légères et ultra-compactes dans les zones les plus denses.

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