Adrenalin, Happiness and Singapore

If you thought Singapore was all about slow romantic numbers, magnificent shows on the Sea and breathtaking Nature signs, think again!

Because Singapore can even take your breath away…literally.

Statutory warning: Not for the faint hearted.

Here is our list of the top 3 things you should do to pump some adrenalin in Singapore.

1. Plunge!

Now this can happen at two places.

For the relatively gentle adventurer, go indoor skydiving. Head to Silos Beachfront, Sentosa for this. If you are in a group, you could make formations too.

For the enthu cutlets, head to Clarke Quay and surrender to the reverse bungy of G-MAX. Do the free fall with the GX-5 Xtreme Swing, a 5 seater capsule. It is pulled perpendicular to the ground and then released as a giant swing. Speeds at 120 km/h

You also have other choices like getting catapulted at 200 km/h in a steel capsule, and get to feel crazy G-force feel like astronauts do.

Spoiler alert: Love of life comes easy on the last 2. True Story.

2. Go in style

If you are looking for photo ops in adventure, Singapore offers you two:

Cable Skiing pulls you by an overhead cable attached to the lank banks. This is at East Coast Lagoon and speeds go up to 58 kilometres per hour. Gives being wild, wet and fast a completely new definition.

Do the F1! Ultimate Drive lets you drive the supercar of your choice on the larger than life Formula One track. With a choice of going automatic or experiencing the F1 style paddle gearbox. And all of this is recorded and yours to keep and flaunt.

Spoiler alert: Non drivers get a pro chauffer & a 20% discount.

3. Tame the trees

34 obstacles. 1 dense forest. Innumerable trees. Sounds like Tarzan and Phantom decided to be besties? This is the forest adventure at Bedok Reservoir Park. A 2.5 hours obstacle course at the height of upto 8 meters above the ground.

Spoiler alert: You’d also go flying amidst trees.

So, what are you waiting for. Zopky your adrenalin now!

Originally published at on November 28, 2015.