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This Halloween, get into these real-life magical Black girls on TV and movies

Spooky season is underway, and it’s the perfect time to binge some Halloween classics like The Craft, a creepy 1996 drama about four teenage witches creating chaos with their magical powers. Among these witches was Rachel True, one of the only Black cast members of the now cult classic.

Since The Craft, movies and TV shows about witches and magic have become commonplace, and because of True’s breakout role in the genre, we’re seeing more Black and Brown faces creating magic on our screens.

“[Rachel True] is one of many Black actors in the world of fantasy and science fiction who don’t get full consideration by studios and audiences due to stereotypes and gatekeeping around what stories Black characters are allowed to tell,” Kendriana Washington writes for ZORA. “However, since The Craft originally debuted, other Black witches — especially on TV — have come to the forefront, bringing new life into the genre and enhancing what we all can expect from future offerings. …

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