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Let’s take baby steps

What is the easiest way that you can start to generate momentum towards your desired goal or state?

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It’s often difficult to restart the engine of productivity once all of your fuel has run out. It’s not easy to keep the tank filled at all times either. But it happens, more regularly for some and rarely for others.

It’s extremely easy to understand when you are not being productive. I’m not talking about the person that keeps on working on the wrong things. They are productive, just not producing results.

Productivity has nothing to do with results and everything to do with effort.

Just investing the time into fulfilling a goal, whether for yourself or for others is good enough. To keep your mind focused on one problem for long enough to start to piece together potential solutions.

And it’s not always easy. Especially not for someone as easily distracted as me.

So, primarily to myself, I say:

“Let’s take baby steps.”

Get out of bed, get yourself sorted, sit down on the floor, stretch, left arm, right arm, step by step. When it’s time to work, start by sitting down in front of your computer.

That’s all it takes to get the ball rolling.

There’s no need to do anything else. Just by sitting here, you will be able to start working on solutions.

The biggest problem you have is the problem of too many problems needing your attention to get solved. What can you do to limit that exposure? Can you hire somebody?

Ignoring problems is only a temporary solution, they will still need your attention once you are bored with ignoring them. And your time idly spent is not empowering, but rather suffering. Because you care so much about your process, that it hurts you to see it not being implemented for no other reason but because you are unable to show up, sit down, and invest the time.

And you keep hurting yourself, over and over again, slowly but surely building up the debt of expectations others expect of you, all while ignoring your own goals and vision, in the end achieving only mediocre results.

If only you could sustainably and regularly invest time into your work for at least 4 hours each day, your life would be much better.

And it all starts with a baby step. And another. And another. And so forth.

Show up, sit down, think, and boot up the computer eventually.



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Zoran Spirkovski

Zoran Spirkovski

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