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I’d hate to leave this world without making a significant contribution

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It may sound gloomy, but one of the worst things that I can imagine is laying on my deathbed and thinking how many of the things I’ve spent time working on were inconsequential.

I want and need to make an impact.

I’m doing something extremely inconsequential now (or at least that’s how it seems) by learning about woodworking. I’ve wanted to make things my entire life, but never really pursued it for one reason or another.

And woodworking came into my lap as a great way to teach my mind that it can create, and to enforce habits of focused working toward a goal.

It may or may not improve my writing, but it will certainly help my thinking process because I find it hard to approach woodworking without a solid plan.

Writing is a fluid profession. Words are cheap and easily removed at no cost. I can always change my mind mid-article and pursue a different direction.

Woodworking, not so much.

If you change your mind half-way through a project with woodworking, it’s pretty much game over. You’ve lost half of your materials and now you have a bunch of wood laying around that will never fulfill its purpose.

This level of commitment is amazing to me as a writer.

In the past, I could have always changed my mind when things didn’t turn out the way I thought they will. Now with this new hobby of mine, there are real consequences to having a bad plan.

So maybe it won’t take me to the level of remarkable, but it’s pretty fun.

My interest in this started when we couldn’t find a bedside table with my girlfriend for our bedroom. None of the products locally available were good enough for us, so I started to imagine what would a great bedside table look like.

A few days later, we had a 3D design in place that we were both happy with.

Safe to say, these cabinets are far from complete, but I think that eventually, I might be able to make them for my loved one.

Right now, I’m moving towards creating a sturdy and stable workbench, then a small desk organizer, and eventually reach a point where I can make the bedtables.

It’s proving to be a fun and challenging journey, and a necessary safe haven away from writing.

I’m obviously not going to stop writing, but I needed some time away from doing client work. I’m not there yet, but as soon as I finish all of my open contracts, I can let my mind relax.

The reason I’m undertaking this escapade is to see my work from a different perspective. I don’t want to be the writer that people come to for anything, but rather I want to become a specific type of writer.

However, I don’t know what this type should be.

This break is a means to an end, a discovery session with myself.

It’s going to take work, effort, and energy, but it’s going to be worth it.

In what way are you challenging yourself to do better work?



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Zoran Spirkovski

Zoran Spirkovski


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