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Zombie Outbreak Survival
6 min readMar 22, 2023


Powered by Galactic Hubs Season 2 Pioneer Grant

We are proud to announce that Tentree Studios, creators of Zombie Outbreak Survival, has been accepted into Season 2 of the Galactic Hubs grant program to bring brand new gameplay and utility to Alien Worlds NFTs!
Galactic Standoff is a gameplay development being built within the Alien Worlds metaverse that will allow players to pledge allegiance to decentralized Starbases. Players need to work together to upgrade and defend their starbase to earn powerups and become the strongest Starbase in the game!
This mass multiplayer PVP strategy game harnesses the power of community, web3 and decentralised organisations to bring heart racing moments to the WAX Blockchain.

Work with your Starbase team members to rank up your Alien Worlds NFTs, defend your base from attacks and wage war on your neighbouring Starbase enemies!

Galactic Standoff aims to be an online multiplayer strategy game set on an 3D style interactive map terrain where players align themselves with a star-base. Each star-base is governed by a Planetary Syndicate from Alien worlds. When a user is voted into as a Planetary Councilor in Alien worlds, they also gain power within their chosen star-base. Players can upgrade their star-base through a tech-tree levelling system, providing buffs and benefits in-game and in battle. To upgrade their star-base, players must complete missions and play game modes to earn resources, a portion of which will be allocated to the upgrade. However, other star-bases can view these upgrades and choose to launch an attack, resulting in damage to the star-base and a loss of resources. The goal is to strategize with your star-base community and attract the best players to advance through upgrades and gain better buffs, benefits and defences.

Galactic Standoff — Goals of the development

We wanted to focus on the decentralized nature of the Alien Worlds ecosystem. We started with this core concept and built around it. Our primary goal of this gameplay development is to provide a decentralized gameplay experience to players on the WAX blockchain & bring more utility to Alien Worlds NFTs!

Why is decentralized gameplay important for this development?
Alien Worlds is a project built on the foundation of decentralization, DAO’s and DAC’s are a core concept within WEB3 and we see this as a model that is going to the future. The initial Starbases will be controlled by the Planetary DAO councils within Alien Worlds. As the custodians change each week, the Starbases will reflect the changes in ownership. This will bring strategy to the game and DAO voting system by giving players more incentive to vote for their leaders based on more than just the DAO system itself but the way in which candidates canvas to run their starbase.

A DAO is a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, essentially this means that the individuals involved all have the power to impact how the organization is run! You can learn more about the Alien Worlds Planetary DAO’s here.

Bringing Utility to Alien Worlds NFTs. Why is this important?
Alien Worlds have built a great foundation for development teams to build on top of. Galactic Standoff will provide different use cases for Alien Worlds NFTs including allowing players/collectors of Alien Worlds assets to use them in an entirely new way including access to game modes, boosts, buffs and much more!

Galactic Standoff Timeline to Launch

We anticipate the MVP to be developed by September 2023.

Work has already begun on Galactic Standoff and we are currently in the pre-development phase, this includes gameplay design, infrastructure design, artwork concepts and otherwork we have to carry out in order to lay the foundation.

We aim to provide a monthly update blog showcasing progress of the project including artwork teasers, gameplay clips and other interesting behind the scenes sneak peaks!

How can the community get involved?

As a development studio, we often use the phrase ‘Built by players, for players’ and we stand proud of this. The fact is, ZOS wouldn’t be anywhere near the game it is today without the feedback, suggestions and reports from our players. We find this support crucial in our decision making and strategic planning.
Within each of our monthly blog posts we will be including a Survey & feedback form for readers to fill out based off of the information in the blog! — We want you to tell us what you like/don’t like and anything you hope to see in the development!
We will also be running competitions in our Discord channel on the run up to the release to reward players who are already playing ZOS or who are taking an active interest in the development!
Finally, we will also be looking to work with members of the community to design posters/marketing material and other cool designs for the development, those who we work with can look forward to being rewarded in different ways including potential TLM/WAX/ZILVER rewards!

Meet the Team

Tentree Studios is an indie game development studio based in the UK with the goal of bringing blockchain gaming to the mainstream. Founded by Diege (writing this blog) & Lettos in early 2021, the studio has grown into a full time development team featuring experienced developers, designers and marketing individuals.

The core Galactic Standoff team is headed up by Lettos (Lewis)

Lewis has a background in systems engineering within the aerospace industry working with world leading technologies. With over 4 years experience in managing engineering projects, gameplay design & UI development, the Galactic Standoff development is in great hands with Lewis leading the team that is currently at a sizeable 6 team members!

Lewis’ Second in command for Galactic Standoff is Mr. D (Duy)

Duy’s a blockchain developer and has worked as an independent contractor around the world. He joined the ZOS team at the very beginning of the project and has been a valued member of the team ever since!
Duy is the lead developer for the Galactic Standoff development.
His key roles include day to day tasking of the development team, reviewing code & signing off on deployments. Duy also designs and develops the smart contracts required for the gameplay mechanics.

Marketing, Customer Service & PR are headed up by Diege (Daniel)

Daniel has a background in project management & various business support roles. Previous roles include, aeronautical reference data engineer, mechanical aeronautical technician & senior maintenance scheduler (Chemical manufacturing industry).
Any marketing material, official communications or new partnerships that you see from ZOS, Daniel is the person coordinating it.

We don’t want to give too much away in this introductory blog so we will leave it there.. Stay tuned for next Month’s update where we will be outlining the gameplay overview of Galactic Standoff and what it means to be a Starbase Staff Member!