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Zowe Newsletter

Vote Zowe!

Zowe is a finalist in this year’s DevOps Dozen awards, so please vote for Zowe for the win! It only takes a minute and every vote counts:
— Go to surveymonkey.com/r/52BF93N (or navigate via devopsdozen.com)
— Scroll to 22. Best DevOps for Mainframe Solution
— Choose “Zowe”
— Complete form, click done.
Thank you!

Zowe By The Numbers

As we close out the year, here’s a quick look at some amazing community metrics:

· 74 Conformant products. Complete list [here]

· 90k d/ls of the Zowe CLI

· 47k d/ls of the Zowe Explorer extension for VS Code

· 2 Conformant Support Providers [here]

· >100 posts on the blogsite

A big THANK YOU to the entire Zowe community for a great 2021, and here’s to even more exciting mainframe innovations in the coming year!



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