The future of ZrCoin

Many investors estimate the growth potential of ZrCoin at a rate of 5.5% per month, and believe that the limit of its growth is fixed at $2.80. This is a major misunderstanding.

George Danelia, one of the escrows ZrCoin ICO

5.5% per month is the payment that the company can freely make from the current forecast revenues from the factory. It is the guaranteed profit calculated on short-term investments. However, if we consider ZrCoin in the medium-term, i.e. for 1–3 years, then its growth potential can exceed even the most optimistic expectations.

The main driver of ZrCoin’s growth in value will be the exchange of the token for company shares. Since the acquisition of shares occurs only through a direct exchange of ZrCoin coins, company shares cannot be bought for money.

When will the exchange of ZrCoin tokens for company shares occur?

The exchange of ZrCoin for company shares will be performed at the most favourable time for investors — about a year after the start of factory construction, after the delivery of financial statements and an evaluation of the company, and before the closure of debt obligations to investors. Thus, investors will see the financial success of the plant, and its cost will be highly attractive based on its obligations at the time.

After the swap for shares, the company can pay off all obligations to investors by selling shares, as has happened in the case of Bitfinex, for example. This will allow the project to work 100% for the shareholders — in other words, you!

Further perspectives on ZrCoin

Considering the company’s predicted financial indicators, its capitalization can increase twice over during the first year and six times over during the second year, without any additional conditions. ZrCoin developers are planning to scale up the technology and then introduce it worldwide. With such a promising business model, there is no doubt that investors will be interested in opening new factories in various locations around the world.

The proceeds from the construction of new factories and royalties for the use of the technology can multiply the incomes of production alone many times over. In this case, a hundredfold increase or more in market cap over 3–5 years is quite possible.

Many high-tech giants have grown from small companies. Therefore, when investing in ZrCoin at this early stage, you have to evaluate the growth prospects of the company, not just the token: the price of the token when exchanged for shares may increase many, many times over.

George Danelia, one of the escrows ZrCoin project, a financial expert, ex-Vice President in Singapore Department of Morgan Stanley, with 12 years of experience in the field of trading and asset management.