ZrCoin — $1.8 million and counting!

A week into our crowdsale we’re closing in on the $2 million mark. We also wanted to give investors more details about how the swap for company shares will work.

ZrCoin got off to a great start and, at the time of writing, almost 1,300 investors have backed our project to the tune of over $1.8 million in total. We’re over halfway now, and are keen to keep up momentum to reach our target. If you’ve wondered about investing but haven’t yet taken the final step, please do get in touch via our Slack and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

It’s also worth noting that, with BTC and many alts at historic highs, there’s the opportunity to get into a project that will not only preserve value by design, but that also offers a solid ROI. Your funds are accounted at dollar-equivalent prices at the time of deposit, so investing in ZrCoin is a good way to book some crypto profits and hedge your portfolio.

Company shares

One of the questions we’ve been asked a number of times is how the future swap of ZrCoin tokens for company shares will operate. We’d like to say a little more about this now.

There is, of course, no onus on investors to swap their ZrCoin for shares. As a blockchain token, ZrCoin can be held, transferred and traded freely on Waves. We imagine that many investors from the crypto world will do just that, opting to sell their tokens during one of the coming buybacks that will ensure they see ROI. At this point, having sold their tokens, they will have exited their investment (at profit) and can use the funds for whatever they want.

However, we wanted to offer our investors more than this. We appreciate the opportunity you are giving us to launch a totally new and environmentally-friendly manufacturing process. So, for those crowdsale investors who are interested and who are willing to go through the necessary identity verification processes, we are making available shares in our company. 49% of the company will be available to swap for ZrCoins, via the Cyprus Foundation that is dealing with our finances. The percentage of our company that is ultimately owned by our crowdsale investors will depend on how many decide to redeem their ZrCoin for shares, rather than sell them in the buybacks.

In due course, when we know more about our funding, we’ll publish exact figures. But we hope you will see that this offers an attractive opportunity to ‘roll over’ your investment in ZrCoin, giving you the chance to own a piece of a unique revenue-generating company that will, we believe, be at the forefront of a green manufacturing revolution.

Thank you once again for your support!

For more information or to register for the crowdsale, please visit www.ZrCoin.io.