ZrCoin hits $3.5 million target!

We made it! A very generous investment of WAVES has pushed us over the line, meaning that our first production facility is now viable. We’re now looking ahead with confidence and hoping to collect enough funds for a second facility by the end of the crowdsale.

When things happen in the cryptocurrency world, they can happen fast. Yesterday, we passed the $2 million mark — a great milestone to reach, but still $1.5 million away from our minimum target.

Overnight, a large investment came in, equal to around $1.8 million. This single big WAVES investor more than made up the difference, with the result that our project is now viable! Whatever else comes in, we know that we now have the resources to make ZrCoin a success.

This is a strong position for us to be in with another two weeks left to go in our crowdsale. We hope and expect to see further investment before it closes on 9 June. For now, though, we want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all our investors. Due to your generosity, the future of zirconium production will never be the same again!