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These Men Think It’s OK to Help Your Family Hide Sexual Assault Allegations — Because It’s Family

“A very literal ‘bros before hoes’ thing happening now”

Screenshot of tweet from Tucker Carlson, reading “Chris Cuomo may be an idiot, but he understands that his obligation is to the people he’s related to. When they need your help, you help them.” He also links to a clip from his show, which I’ve screenshotted. It shows Carlson speaking to the camera with an image of Chris Cuomo in the corner with the word “suspended” in big red text beneath him.
Screenshot of tweet by Tucker Carlson, rightwing opinion host, praising Chris Cuomo’s actions

As everyone by now knows, disgraced former New York Governor Andrew Cuomo thankfully resigned from office after being caught out sexually harassing multiple women. Yes, Democratic men can be shitty too.

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