What is the Medium Partner Program?

A deep dive into my favorite revenue-share system on the internet.

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an old man sits in the forest and teaches birds to read and write. i liked this image to illustrate the medium partner program because the old man represents medium, and we (the writers) are the little birds flocking around him to earn money.
old man in the forest teaches birds to read and write — Upscaled by @Аврора (fast). I thought this was a charming image, though again, do not closely investigate this man’s fingers or third (?) hand.

The Medium Partner Program is a revenue-share system between the Medium platform and its writers. When paying Medium members read a story written by a Medium Partner Program writer, a portion of their membership fee goes straight to the writer.

My opinion? The Medium Partner Program is the best revenue share program out there. No reliance on ads, like YouTube. No “creator fund” cap, like TikTok. It’s pretty transparent, unlike Instagram. And essentially, you get paid for writing about what you love, unlike Twitter.

Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents

· How does the Medium Partner Program work?
· How to join the MPP? What are the Medium Partner requirements?
· How to make money on Medium?
· How can I get 100 followers?
· Is Medium free?
· How much can you earn from the Medium Partner Program?
· How much does Medium pay for 1,000 views?
· How do you make money with Medium referrals?
· How to join the Medium partner program from countries where Stripe is not available?
· Final thoughts on the Medium Partner Program

How does the Medium Partner Program work?

It works like this:

  1. As a reader, you have the choice of becoming a paid Medium member. This unlocks access to all content on Medium, along with a few other perks such as access to the Medium Mastodon server.
  2. You pay $5/month to Medium to read these great articles.
  3. When you read a paywalled story, a portion of your membership fee goes directly to the author of that piece (assuming the writer is part of the MPP).

As a writer, it means you get paid when readers engage with your work. It’s not based on views, but rather based on Medium Member read time.



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