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Hello there! I’m Zulie Rane, freelance content…

I did not expect these when I moved over in 2013

I didn’t expect culture shock when I moved to Oxford, England in 2013. I spoke English, after all. I come from an ex-British colony. How different could things really be across the pond?

And yet as I quickly discovered, things were VERY different. It took me at least a year…

12 small changes through 2020–2021 add up to a big directional shift for 2022.

Woman in White Long Sleeve Shirt Sitting on Chair

What will Medium be in 2022?

Medium announced they were moving towards a “relational” model a year ago. Since then, they’ve made several small changes that are important to keep up with if you want to get a bigger picture of the overall direction of the platform. Here, I offer…

Your blog’s microniche is harming your profitability and views.

woman sits at laptop, looking at it with a pen in her mouth. She is taking notes.

New bloggers will start looking for blog niche ideas in 2021, just like they have been since blogging started. But nobody talks about the dangers of niching. Most content on the subject tells you that you need a blogging niche, or discusses which is the best profitable niche for blogging…

Quick life update from Zulie

Honestly, moving really sucked. We started The Big Move on July 20th and still haven’t really finished as I write this on September 16th. We drove 1,200+ miles with two cats in a u-haul. My partner started a stressful new job. …

Stop feeling guilty because you haven’t settled on a morning routine.

I have a confession to make: I don’t obey any of the major productivity commandments. I often do work in my pajamas. Sometimes I work for hours without taking a single break. And I have yet to find a morning routine that sticks.

One thing I really hate is the…

Medium does everything for me, but it shouldn’t do this.

Woman in White Top Using an old Computer. Her clothing looks futuristic, and she looks like she’s trying to hack into it. Kind of sly.

Medium is a blogging platform that pays writers on a royalty system. If you’re a paying Medium member ($5/month) I earn a small portion of that simply from you reading this story. In my opinion, it’s a great system that lets writers focus on writing for their audience.

Recently Medium…

A crash course in how not to use Twitter.

Over the weekend, Prince William was allegedly named the world’s sexiest bald man by The Independent, a pretty well-respected newspaper.

Many people looked at the tweet, laughed, and then moved on with our lives, assuming it was some weird PR stunt after the Harry and Meghan interview.

But if you…

Ev’s email about the editorial team buyout is… pretty wild.

Weren’t we just here? Didn’t I just make a video and article about some new earth-shattering Medium update?

For those of you who aren’t in the know, Ev Williams (Medium’s CEO) dropped a pretty big bomb on us, the writers…

My old daily journal was filled with complaints — and I never felt like doing it.

image of an orange journal with the word “bright” and a lightbulb icon against a yellow-and-white striped wall.

I’d love to say that I’m one of those people who effortlessly journals 20 minutes a day. I’d love to claim that my daily diary habit fills me with gratitude, the opportunity to reflect, and a chance to become self-aware.

But that isn’t true. Rarely in my life have I…

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