Back to Me

Two windows with a girl facing herself. The left window has a regular picture, the right window has a negative of the same.
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Day 9 of a writing challenge during National Novel Writing Month in November 2021.

Back to Me

Hi there, I just got back to Me today.
Although, I don’t know how long it’s been.
Perhaps days, a few weeks, maybe a month this time.
I’m just glad that I made it back.

The journey was long and a tad treacherous,
but all worth it in the end.
I got back to me.
And, that’s all I can be, that’s it, that is all in the end.

There are times when I hid. Even hid from myself.
Since True Me gets treated certain ways.
The True Me is the one who speaks of a variety of things and a majority of people can’t resonate.

Wait a minute, perhaps it’s just the people I know.
I prefer to keep my circle tight.
In the past, reaching out caused blank stares and eye rolls.
People just seemed to not understand my thoughts.

I get it.
These thoughts are not for everyone.
A select few will even relate.
The few that relate, I’ve just never met, until the internet began to make a change.




This publication includes entries from those who are taking part in Zulie’s Writing Challenge.

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Zoe Odyssey

Mother to 3 and a wife to 1. Preschool Teaching Behavior Therapist turned writer in the pursuit of happiness. True Stories, Spiritual Fantasy, Poetry & more.

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