Digging into Drafts

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Day 5 of a writing challenge during National Novel Writing Month in November 2021.

Today's article makes me smile because I decided to travel into the depths of my draft section in Medium and post something from there. There is ZERO consistency with these drafts and that just creates a bigger smile on my face. Each of the article’s topics bounce from one subject to another with no real form or fashion.
I like it!
It is like giving myself an insight to the wild ideas that pop around in the Universe that is my mind. The articles seem to exist in the draft section with no real rhyme or reason, until you start reading them. Some are the beginning thoughts of poems and some are excerpts from The Trilogy. I am giggling now because what I thought was going to be a quick copy and paste from an older draft has now morphed into a second and moved towards a final draft of an article before posting.

Determination is the driving force

After posting this, I will have one less article sitting in the draft section. There’s about 27 articles in the drafts, so there’s a subject for pretty much every day of this challenge. Then again, I do have a whole notebook full of daily journal writings. Or at the very least, a notebook full of daily sentences. Writing daily is writing daily.

I have always had this grand idea that if I begin writing daily I would already have books written. I’ve had some good writing stints. There were days, weeks of writing and then NOTHING. I somehow always manage to get back in my own way. It’s gotta be a Full Moon or Mercury Retrograde or SOMETHING.

I swatted away all the excuses, then I pushed myself to Bust a Nike and JUST DO IT. Time to head on over to the draft section.

Decisions Decisions

I began and had no idea where this was headed and it has been a wild ride already. I just went to the draft section to figure it out and began to work on a post for the next article I am going to write. That does not help me with THIS one.
I came across a poem titled This Realm and decided to use that for this article.

This Realm

This Realm of Reality is fragile to say the least.
There is a fine line between what is said and a lie feast.

The Truth.
The Reality.
Those are tough to decipher in THIS Realm.
One day its something different, the next day it’s something else.

The real trip is learning that things you were taught may be just lies.

It’s like a blessing AND a curse.
The result of KNOWing the TRUTH?
You might despise.

One thing that always holds true in this realm is,
Stay WISE.
Everything that you’ve heard, RESEARCH it.
That’s some sound advice.

If research is done on the Tell-a-Vision
You may not find much truth on THAT screen.
Look for the science, look for the facts
not on a Tell-a-Vision box scene.

Tell-a-Vision is a term for T.V.
And what they show on it are PROGRAMS.

Telling WHAT Vision?
Programming WHO?
The ones that are watching
are known as…..
Me and You.


Don’t just blindly trust, trust what you can CONFIDENTIALLY say is TRUE.



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