I Committed to Writing Daily, Does 12:35am Still Count?

Picture of arm with tattoos, one says “Hard Work” on it.
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Day 8 of a writing challenge during National Novel Writing Month in November 2021.

This episode of writing time was seconds away from being sleeping time. Who’s bright idea was it to have a National Novel Writing Month in November anyways?
They should have just went full force and had it in December right along side Christmas!
Not really, I wouldn’t participate if it was in December. The time needed to sit and write daily is somehow non existent in December.
At least that’s what it seems like in my reality.

Space Filler

This article is what I would call a “space filler”.
I’ll add in a little anecdote right here.
You know in Anime, they have a crazy amount of episodes sometimes hundreds, easily. There are some episodes in these Anime that are filler episodes. In my experience, a filler episode has no real action and maybe a cutesy back story that is there to move the main story along. Merely an episode there to fill space and meet the quota. After all, they did have hundreds of episodes to pump out.
Or, getting ready to settle down and watch one of your favorite shows, only to find that it is a rerun. And, that rerun is a FILLER EPISODE.
No Action.

I realized this article I’m writing is just that, a filler article. An article used with no strategy involved. Written and used to fill space and help me along my way in reaching a quota of writing and eventually publishing.

Side Note:
I just became wildly aware that I am incredibly tired and it is now 12:51am.

I understand that’s a fact, because within the last twenty-ish minutes of typing this up sitting at my computer, I fell asleep….TWICE. Not technically “fell asleep” but I definitely closed my super sleepy eyes and dozed off enough for my body to lean. The lean was just enough causing me to snap my eye lids wide open and shake it off. Shaking it off didn’t work because there I was, dosing off again.

I leaned but the second time, it wasn’t quite a “lean” and felt more like a nudge on my elbow. My hand was on the computer mouse a this moment and my arm jutted forward with the mouse causing me to accidentally highlight something on my draft. My face made an instant “what the fudge” look as I fixed what was highlighted.

Ending Scene

Finishing up this filler, I am GLAD that second time dozing off felt more like an elbow nudge since I am feeling slightly more awake. Awake enough to finish this article and publish it. I have another reason I am glad I felt that nudge. Being THIS tired, I would have possibly leaned forward so much while dozing off that I could have bashed my head straight into the computer. My head could have cracked open and warm redness might have oozed all over my keyboard.

How’s THAT for some action?

And now, it’s time for this filler episode to come to…

The End.



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Zoe Odyssey

Zoe Odyssey


Mother to 3 and a wife to 1. Preschool Teaching Behavior Therapist turned writer in the pursuit of happiness. True Stories, Spiritual Fantasy, Poetry & more.