Short Silly and to the Point

Photo by Dan V on Unsplash

Day 7 of a writing challenge during National Novel Writing Month in November 2021.

A Haiku Story

A silly poem,
Writing can be a Haiku
With five, seven, five.

I just do not know
Exactly what I can do
With five, seven, five.

It is like a path
That doesn’t know when to stop,
At five, seven, five.

If I keep going,
It might make my stomach drop
At five, seven, five.

Climbing higher now,
Everything here seems brand new.
Truth! Five, seven, five.

Such an adventure!
Hmm, will I know what to do?
Truth…five, seven, five.

Maybe I will go
Straight up to the Source of Soul.
Right! Five, seven, five.

I don’t mean “pass on”,
More like CONNECT with Source…..Goal!
Right? Five, seven, five.

Looking behind me,
The beginning is far back.
Woah five, seven, five.

Choice, keep moving on
Heading towards exciting times.
Woah! Five, seven, five.

This is where I stand.
This story did not fission.
Wow! Five, seven, five.

An interMISSION.
Plus Galactic Decisions.
WOW!!! …five……..five….



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Zoe Odyssey

Zoe Odyssey

Mother to 3 and a wife to 1. Preschool Teaching Behavior Therapist turned writer in the pursuit of happiness. True Stories, Spiritual Fantasy, Poetry & more.