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What Is Smart Money?

Borderless and inclusive, a new economy is emerging.

We live in exciting times.

A brief history of money

The famous Silk Road served as a trade route, where travellers bartered for goods for nearly 2000 years.

Barter to Bitcoin: A Timeline

  • 9000 B.C. — People barter goods they have in exchange for those they lack
  • 600 B.C. — The first official currency is minted in the Kingdom of Lydia
  • 960 A.D. — Jiao Zi, the earliest paper currency in the world, emerges out of China
  • 1250 A.D. — The Florin is used by traders in Europe
  • 1946 — John Biggins invents the first credit card in the USA
  • 1967 — The first ever ATM machine is installed in the UK
  • 2007 — Barclaycard introduces contactless payment cards
  • 2009 — Bitcoin becomes the world’s first cryptocurrency

The Devolution of Banking

Moving into the future of money, Bitcoin by Bitcoin

Enter: Smart Money

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