Thoughts about React vs Angular 2

A coworker was asking which one to start: React or Angular and what is the difference between them. I have experience in both library and here is my reply:

Either one will work, and the biggest difference is how there two position themselves. Look at their slogan in each site:

Angular: One framework.
React: A JavaScript library for building user interfaces

So Angular is trying to be a framework, which means it’s battery included. You can find almost everything (router, you need to get started. This could be easier for beginner as there appears less libraries to learn, or there is always official guide to do certain things.

React is a library. To make it fully functional framework for SPA (single page application), you’ll need other libraries, such as router (react-router), app state management (Redux), etc. This might intimidate beginners.

My current job uses Angular (in moving to Angular 2) and in my last job I used React. Personally I do like the concepts behind React (Declarative views, favor functional style, etc). But with Angular 2, it’s getting more “react” style (favor one way binding, etc).

The thing is, there is nothing to stop you to apply those good concepts or patterns in any framework.