How to Manage the New Emergency Work from Home Situation?

As the world witnesses common havoc, there are so many things that are changing along. From quarantine to extra attention to hygiene, we are facing a parallel reality where desolation has become a solution. These hard times are largely changing the way we live our daily routines. Going to office has changed into getting ready for work at home and brainstorming ideas over cups of coffee has changed into virtual discussions, while we are getting acquainted with this new kind of life, we need to be prepared for “work from home”.

Now that major companies in the world have given a heads-up for work from home, people are going to miss their well-designed workplaces for sure. However, this is only a temporary situation that will eventually find its way out. But that doesn’t mean we can’t improve the working styles.

To guide you in this time of sudden emergencies, we bring to you a few tips that can greatly help you.

1. Improve your workstation at home:

If you think a bean bag can solve your problems, then you are wrong. In offices, workstations are designed to aid employees to work in a comfortable place. Therefore, to go ahead with the new trend, it is advisable to set up an ergonomic workstation. Use the right kind of chair and desk, to not hamper your body while working for longer hours. Choose the table or desk as per your height so that you are sitting with the right posture. Working from home can be comfortable but may turn out to be distracting, hence, pay attention to choosing the right place in your home to place your new work station.

2. Be psychologically ready:

While you may have set up a great workstation but if you find yourself totally at home, you might not be able to be productive at work. Therefore, you need to embrace this abrupt reality and be psychologically prepared. Just like you get ready to go to work, be ready to start working at home with a similar mind-set that you have in the office. Our tip would be to follow the same routine that you would follow otherwise. This will keep your mind alert and active, just like a regular workday at the office.

3. Let the technology help:

It’s for times like these when the digital freedom will give back to society. Not being in office and away from your colleagues may socially distant you and that may affect your work too. The best way to keep up the team spirit is to be virtually connected. Keep up the connection with your colleagues through video calls and constant chats. This way you will not feel desolated and be in touch with your mates. Reinforcing collaboration through digital connectivity will get you through this phase and also get the work done on time.

4. Continue with the tea breaks:

Just like the office times, don’t refrain yourself from taking those breaks in between work because you’re home. We know you will miss the office canteen breaks but during your work from home, don’t forget to disconnect yourself time to time and take the necessary breaks. Working from home may get monotonous and you may forget to take breaks. But this will only hamper your health. So, take walks, have tea breaks and be in touch with nature whenever necessary. This is particularly important because now you might have to be digitally online for longer times than at work as it cuts down the office travelling time. Taking off from your screen can refresh you up! Our design experts advise keeping green plants near your workstation. Placing your system near a window that allows an ample amount of sunlight can also be of great help here.

5. Keep the flexibility:

Workplaces are designed to give flexibility to the employees to sit and work, stand and work and even have coffee and work. But this may not be possible at home. However, you can add flexibility by changing your workplaces. Switch between sofas, beds and chairs. This way you will keep moving and will continue to work actively.

6. Define your work hours:

Working from home can become hectic because you don’t have designated time for work. This may lead to overworking that may hamper you. It is therefore very essential to mark your working hours and not overdo it. Especially avoid late nights that may sound a good idea to get all the work done. Remember that you are compatible with a fixed working schedule and suddenly working all day long may not end well and may even interrupt your circadian clock.

7. Have fun:

Now that you are home and working; don’t forget to enjoy the time. Stay relaxed and work. The key is to keep the work-life balance just like usual workdays.

Workplaces are designed to align with different phases of a workday. While the home is not the perfect place to bring work, the current situation makes it a new kind of workstyle. So, working from home needs a schedule and a few rules to keep yourself active and productive. We understand that this is a tough place to be but if we manage the time smartly, we may come out of this experiencing a whole new kind of workstyle!



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