Redefine the memories management

Goodbye Comet, Hello…

Have you heard the whispers ? Comet is changing… for the best ! 

  • A year and a half of hard work
  • $1,2 million seed fundraising
  • More than 200,000 users

It’s time for Comet to take off!

To offer the best product possible and achieve its new targets of a million downloads by 2018, Comet becomes Zyl.

Comet becomes ZyL

Redefine the memories management

With my co-founders (that also happen to be my friends), we have always struggled when it comes to manage our memories.

While running our 2nd company, we spent hours discoursing on what matter most in life and we all came up with same answer :

** Be happy **

I can see you going: “ I know what you’re on about but that’s pretty obvious”.

It is.

But what’s less clear is how we can find happiness.

We all know that question is not so easy to answer to. That’s the reason why, during those past 3 months we worked with psychologists.

We learnt that the definition of happiness varies according to who you’re talking to, but has a few things in common. To sum up, humans are happy when:

important moments in life
  • they share moments with family and friends,
  • share a good meal,
  • they have projects or when they commit to things that matter,
  • they travel, 10 or 10,000 miles away from home,
  • they enjoy simple but meaningful moments

And when we doing all that, we create memories of our owns.

Our memories represent our identity, who we are and where we’re from.

It’s agreed that human kind has that tendency to forget. But we’ve figured out many ways to never forget. Lucky us! Our smartphone is one of them: it allows us to immortalize all the moments that matter.

On the other side, it brings up new issues.

For example, Aurelien our CTO is a massive party-thrower and he is the only photographer. His friends never manage to get all his photos even by threatening him.

Alexandre our lead dev Android spent 5 to 10 minutes every 3 or 4 days to delete useless photos (blurry ones, duplicates, badly framed photos, old screenshots…) because his phone storage is permanently full.

As for me, I have 2 daughters…so my wife & I take A LOT of photos.. 8207 are stored on my phone at the moment. I’m not gonna lie, my phone is a total mess, and I always end up lost in that amount of photos. Which one is the best ? Which one is the most shareable ? Consequence: my photos disappear in the limbo of my phone with no hope to get out #whatashame

Some solutions exist, good ones, but how can we make sure our photos are safe and our privacy respected ?

Wouldn’t it be ideal that this thankless task of photo management could finally be done by an AI?

At Zyl, we are convinced that smartphones photo galleries have become the nerve center of our memories and their associated emotions.

We seek to change how people experience and remember the valuable moments in life.

Our mission is to work everyday to simplify the access, the organization, and the safety of life’s memories to help people relive their experiences.

New name, new branding, new interfaces, new features, new game!
Zyl is the first AI-powered photo app that manage all your memories, with a privacy-by-design approach.
As we deeply believe that our users privacy is sacred, all our Machine Learning models are run only on our users’ devices.

If you want to give your photos a new life, you know what to do => Try Zyl