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We need to talk about what is wrong with the healthcare system

“I wonder how many cancers I could detect and provide treatment for in time, if this didn’t happen”,

Drowning in administration while time slots are being wasted

How to balance everyone’s needs

Where to start?

Is it possible to remove the worst barriers — while increasing the quality of care?

  1. If you’re interested in implementing Zymego in your healthcare space, you can easily contact us via email (or reach out to Ingmar or Nathalie on LinkedIn)
  2. Are you a developer or a sales expert who wants to contribute to improving healthcare? We’re hiring!



Zymego is an early stage healthtech startup, on a mission to make healthcare more efficient and more accessible. Our platform lessens the administrative burden for healthcare workers, while simultaneously increasing the access and convenience for patients.

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Ingmar Veinberg

Medical doctor, former elite javelin thrower and now founder of the healthtech startup Zymego.com. Passionate about making the world a better place!