Build A Flexible Team of Freelancers

Keep Costs Down, Scale Quickly & Increase Productivity.

The modern workforce is changing quickly, with many employers starting to embrace the idea of hiring freelancers for large-scale projects. The financial incentives are obvious:

  1. You only employ talent when you need them.
  2. You avoid paying benefits like health insurance, etc.
  3. You have access to an international pool of talent.

But what if an employer has a new project and they suddenly have to fill nine roles immediately? How cumbersome is it to post multiple job listings, screen applicants, interview candidates, test skills, run background checks and then, once you’ve decided who to hire, negotiate nine separate freelance contracts?

Introducing Haiku Teams
If you’re good at marketing and outreach (like, say, a talent agency), one option on Haiku is to apply for projects as a team. Teams bid on projects, then subcontract roles to freelance talent. So they not only make a portion off each freelance contract, but they’re able to bid on more complex projects that require an entire network of resources to complete, improving chances of landing subsequent gigs.

The employer benefits just as much as the talent agency or team. They make just one hire and negotiate just one contract. They’re now able to ramp up for big projects much quicker than they would on their own. And they’ve just hired an integrated team for a complex project. They become, in essence, a one-stop shop for all your hiring needs.

Freelancers benefit from this arrangement, too. They get to work on fun projects, at rates they’re happy with. And once they prove their worth, they’re able to (hopefully) land future projects with that same team.

Freelancers Tend To Be More Productive
There are countless studies about increases in productivity when employees work remotely. They avoid long commutes, lunch breaks and meetings. They also avoid office distractions and noisy co-workers.

And even if they‘re not more productive working from home, they believe they are, and that goes a long way toward increasing worker happiness. A happy employee is more likely to go the extra yard for your business. They’re also more likely to remain in their positions longer.

The same holds true for freelancers. They’re able to create efficient work spaces wherever they are in the world, free from office distractions and corporate obligations. There’s no meetings, no company all-hands, no team bonding exercises. They simply log on and focus on getting things done well.

Create Lasting Partnerships
Talent agencies are always looking to expand their horizons. The same goes for Haiku teams. Say you have a core group, one made up of writers, designers and art directors. But then you bid on a project as a team and suddenly you need two new HTML developers. By winning the bid and filling out your team with new additions, you’re expanding your talent base.

Say the project goes well. Everyone’s happy with the quality of the work and the business goals are realized. Now you have two new developers on your team who you have experience with. They want to continue working with you. The feeling’s mutual. You can now bid on even more complex projects, and the momentum leads to new opportunities in the future.

And the cycle continues, ad infinitum.

by Rob Simons